I didn't expect that to come from you.

There's plenty of parking.

Just add more sugar if you want a sweeter jam.

It's easier to stay out of jail than to get out of jail.

Don't be rude.

He has a good sense of feeling.

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I really ought to stop writing so many confusing and roundabout sentences that - I am sure - no-one can begin to understand.


Kemal's family lost everything.

With his father's help, he would have succeeded in this task sooner.

The soldiers arrested him, blindfolded him, then they took him behind their vehicle and one of the soldiers took aim at his leg and shot him. This scene was filmed and millions of people from all over the world saw it.

I knew you'd be lurking around here somewhere.

How did you know it was going to happen?

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She has a 10 percent interest in the company.


Stop looking at me!

The result of the invention of the steam engine was that human power was replaced by mechanical power.

I just saw Lana three hours ago.

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Keep an eye on the boys; they're mischievous.

Where're the shoes?

Did you borrow Kimmo's car yesterday?

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What are you doing up at this time of night?

I wasn't going to say anything.

I'm not stretching them.

Juri is hooked up to a respirator.

Antina had a sinking feeling in her stomach.

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No matter what you do, you must follow the correct order.


Torsten said Jennie threatened him with a knife.

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The hotel telephone is in the hall and Harriet is trying to ring the police now.


That man said his name was Kris.


Have you traveled somewhere during the summer?


I didn't see you drunk.


Tell it to him, not me!


The cat is inside the box.

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It'll take Toerless a couple of hours to get here.

Doctors give us information about our health.

It is said that the disease has been spreading.

Don't stop on my account.

You're no prize yourself.


Don't worry, I won't turn you in to the police.

At this very moment, nearly 10,000 Tweets are being sent.

He began to eat lunch.


Antonio asked me who I thought would win the race.

To be in the top 1%, you have to earn $350,000 USD or more.

She told him once and for all that she would not go to the movies with him.


I wish I'd never met you.

And if she is wrong?

Liyuan looked lonely.

You should not give him up for lost.

As such is the case, I am sorry I can't accept your kind invitation.

Is there another way out of here?

One day she and I visited an old friend.

Jeannie built his own house.

Don't breathe a word of it to anyone.


She took a deep breath.

Do you mind if I take my shirt off?

I haven't talked to Johnnie in almost a year.


We can't go in there.

Hi! Good morning!

Their comments were illuminating.


Generally, the Japanese are very diligent workers.

My watch must be slow.

I'm not a saint.


She told him that she was leaving.

How much more money do we need?

We lived in Boston for three years.


Live up to one's reputation.


How did you do in your exam?

The word "Entbindung" "birth" is ambiguous, it can also mean "death".

He seemed unconscious of my presence.

When are you free?

I don't know what to answer.


This town isn't lively.

What to do?

Children who spend more time outdoors have a lower risk of myopia.

Ginny thought about what Neal had said.

The violence and injustice of the rulers of mankind is an ancient evil, for which, I am afraid, the nature human affairs can scarce admit a remedy.

I almost died when I heard this.

We spoke in a low voice to avoid waking up the baby.

We are wearing expensive jewels.

He was an idol.


I have no idea how Les did that.


It is hard to understand.

And then everyone started laughing.

A great man has died.

That is an exception.

Kaj was sitting in front of a group of children, telling them a story.

We bought new uniforms to wear at the game.

Lions are in the cage.

Do you think you can help me?

I'd like to open the window: I need some air.

But in return they get a clear look at important games, and if they miss something, they can always rely on the commentator's description or the instant replay.

Everyone makes mistakes because we are all just human.

Should you really be doing this?

I enjoy hanging out with you.

She is going to learn how to drive.

Give me an hour.

The vote has been doctored.

I don't think I should borrow more money.


I wanted to meet you.

Now hurry up and write your goddamn paper!

Troy said he would help.


I've been trying to find them.

They didn't have anything smaller.

I hope my son will bring himself to study hard.

I want to eat Japanese sweets.

He has a pleasant voice.


Do you keep a dream diary?

He is not your common doting parent.

Marsh has trouble waking up on time.


There is a large supermarket.

She was never to see her home again.

Where do you usually buy your shoes?

Norbert didn't know anything about Donn's past.

Don't worry. It won't take very long.

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I have only myself to blame.

I often have ear infections.

He sent her some flowers.


We can begin.


Have a nice time.

Hui is finally able to sit up in bed.

It's a matter of etiquette.

Since he'd finished his homework, Bob went to bed.

Niall thinks I'm too young.

I think I've already done everything I was supposed to do.

He is the principal of the high school.

Here's a letter from him.

Brodie hasn't succeeded yet.


The ceremony was held in honor of the guest from China.

Since the climate here is very mild, it seldom snows here even in the winter.

That politician has come down in the world since the so-called "Recruit scandal" was publicized.


Everything is still new for me.

I did my part.

This is too easy, I guess.

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Kay lives in a poor neighborhood.

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Stephe didn't miss anything.

Sanjay is vital to our project.

I have false nearsightedness.

I do hope so.

You like cats, don't you?

We're filling in for them again.

He leads an active life.

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All the other issues are subordinate to this one.

What on earth were you thinking, bringing him here?

Why don't you tell Rudy what you want for Christmas?

Should I tell him to call you?

The lock must be out of order.

Isabelle was a carpenter.

I'm seeing him again on Monday.

I want to take a closer look.

The dog ran off as fast as it could.


December 24th is Christmas Eve.

He won the competition.

The red kills the whole pattern.

I didn't tell her everything.

Men's wants become greater in proportion to the increase in their income.

It's a long road with no curves.

Three people can keep a secret so long as two of them are dead.

Do you still need my assistance?

Roxanne never stops.


He's been batting a thousand.