We visited Boston and Chicago.

Linda wants to take you home.

What makes it so plausible to assume that hypocrisy is the vice of vices is that integrity can indeed exist under the cover of all other vices except this one. Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core.

Its origin is unknown.

What do they want us to do?

I should have tried to get along with my classmates better.

You know what needs to be done.


Why don't you ask Kikki that?

Her cooking is amazing.

I just need Taurus for a minute.


I can't believe everything that just happened.

The goods will be sold on the spot.

Ravindran asked me to wake him up at six.

Tell him you'd like to help.

Click me to hide this screen.

Konstantinos will get used to it.

Michael doesn't very often play.

You are young and healthy and you will surely live a long life.

He doesn't want me to go, but I mean to.


It's best if you do everything he says.

That's fun.

Would you write your name in my notebook?

I bet Sandy forgot.

Mat had the place to himself.


"You don't know how to smoke?" "Of course I know how to smoke!"

Hui slipped on a banana peel.

What do your instincts tell you?

She has no spatial awareness.

How was today's test?

We won't tell anyone about them.

I rented out the guest bedroom.

Merat may need to do that.

I want to take a vacation on a tropical island.

They chose me for that.

Since tomorrow's Monday, Ken will probably come.


Refer to the dictionary as often as possible.

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What more can I do?

It's a very slow process.

I came to ask them a favor.

How could I forget?

She takes into consideration the mixed relationships.

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Gestures are very important in human communication.

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How long was Joyce here?

You're making a stupid mistake.

This is phenomenal.

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I want to bring her here.

I'm not going to take that risk again.

Thank you for building this wall.

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It's great to see so many people enjoying themselves.

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I don't know how long I'll be gone.

The scholarship enabled her to go to university.

I don't know why I reacted that way.

Come along with us if you like.

He went so far as to call you a fool.

Would you gents care for some refreshments?

The party went on walking to the next village.

But then, full of guilt, I sat down at my desk one evening.

I'll understand.

I looked at Claudio's face.

I can afford good food now.

Ask only questions that can be answered with yes or no.

We will sharpen the knives.

Clare declined to be interviewed.

Ben answered his phone.

"Is the weed on the show real?" "Well, what do you think?"

Fresh air is blowing in.


Remington spent several months in Havana.

Nobody ever found her cat.

If you are going to the library this afternoon, would you please return two books for me whilst you are there?

The forest contains many different plants.

I still have a lot of questions I want to ask you.

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In the U.S., they often mistake me for a Chinese person.


The president was willing to support the bill.

This year is 2015.

Coal consists mostly of carbon.

Cory knows his limitations.

Is this Nanda's room?

Halloween was brought to North America by immigrants from Europe who would celebrate the harvest around a bonfire, share ghost stories, sing, and tell fortunes.

He is an economizer.

What is needed is more time.

He scared us.

Philippe has two daughters.

Brenda works at a hospital near here.

How many Eskimos live in Greenland?

I have been looking for a piano for my daughter.


The kitchen is not a suitable place for arguments. Too many knives.

I didn't even know what happened.

"How dare you talk like that to me?" he sputtered with indignation.

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At most, it'll cost ten pesos.

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Clearly, it's a fraud.

It looks like Glynn is sleepy.

Go and don't be afraid. We'll protect you.

Srinivas ducked down.

The contrast between the sky and the mountain is striking.


I feel that I've wasted your time.

My cat came out of the basket.

Panacea's son is very self-assured, unlike his father who is plagued by self-doubt.

they wont in the schoole :)

Vice's shirt has magenta stripes on it.

As a rule, I go to school before eight o'clock.

The last time I saw Antonio she was dressed in a nurse's uniform.

How long did the Hundred-Year War last?

Lee started the timer.

Happy Midsummer!

You mustn't miss seeing this wonderful film.

Pierce decided to give up trying to keep up with Warren.

Don't you think you're overreacting just a little bit?

I know how crazy that must sound.

They couldn't be stopped.

Is there any discount on fares for more than one trip.

Just put them anywhere.

The doctor used X-rays to examine my stomach.

It is your shadow in the deep sea.

The soldier sacrificed himself to save his friend's life.

Your troubles are just beginning.

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The problem tortured the chief.

The party is today.

Danny trusted us.


He's in the kitchen.

Don't call her.

I was given a minor share of my father's wealth.


He is reading.

Alastair hasn't yet been arrested.

Two thirds of the time I'm around translating sentences or adding new ones.


Let's go somewhere quiet and talk.

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There's nobody on this ship except us.

We are a part of a community of thousands of current and former members of This Group.

My brother sends you his warm regards.

I'm always surprised by him.

Somebody has to do it.

I need to know that Kevan won't betray us.

I hold you ever dearer.


Oh the times! Oh the customs!

You shouldn't have followed me.

They're not French.

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Before we knew where we were, the dust storm was on us.

Tarmi ate a lot of ice cream.

Eva didn't blame himself.

It's for your protection.

Sometimes these things happen for a reason.

You should eat, or you will die. If you do eat, you'll still die.

Yes, I'll come, Bob.


It is important whether we win the game or not.

Have you ever learned how to play the guitar?

"You don't understand anything!" "I don't even pretend to."

He has three sons, who became musicians.

Have you ever found yourself without a job?

You can't be here right now.

What would you normally do?

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I live in Latvia.


English is often considered an international language.


I don't know how to thank you guys.

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Is this animal holy?

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He turned his coat inside out.


Come have dinner with me.


This new product has also found its way to Europe.

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We can't just let them go.


I think we've just about run out of money.

We are all so simple at heart that become unfathomable to one another.

Mark is so honest that everybody commends him for it.

I'm not very good at giving advice.

My father was an actor.

Even though they were poor, they were happy.

What should I say to them?