I can't do all of this by myself.

I can't hold out much longer.

I had an old wire bird feeder that I used to fill often with a square slab of suet.

Did you come here to help me or not?

You stole my idea.

An integer is natural iff it is greater than or equal to 0.


I saw a man holding a rabbit in his arms yesterday.

I found an alcove with a statue of a Hindu deity.

Neither of them seemed old.

I thought Johnnie wasn't going to be working today.

It's not that I don't want to help you.

Don't come unless I tell you to.

Are you sure there's nothing else I can do to help?

Don't be overconfident.

What would you suggest that I get Elisabeth for his birthday?

Scram, mutt!

I hope you're not making a mistake.

I can't believe I'm going back to Boston.

Did you ask Marcos why he was leaving?


Some people go after fame.

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I was taken aback by the news.

DNA is extracted from a blood sample.

My father finally learned to drive when he was fifty.

Can you see me from there?

With such friends, one needs no enemies.

I regret what happened yesterday.

Nils wants a divorce.

Nothing's going to happen tonight.

I made up my mind to get married to Margaret.

Pete gave Lou sound advice.

He has no reason to be late.

Both men were killed.

I cannot do this.

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I just got a call from your school.

To my knowledge, she hasn't married yet.

No matter how capable you are, you're not going to get a promotion.

All right, people, let's go.

Suzanne didn't use to like red wine, but now he drinks it almost every day.


I have trouble concentrating.

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Fill out the application.


I'm very underwhelmed. This is nowhere near what I was hoping for.


Graham is thinking it over.


How well she is singing!


Malloy drifted in and out of sleep.

This is a real Vuitton.

Horst was mugged.

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It's three years since we moved here.

My boss let me leave early today.

At the end of 2012, the Belarusian president re-introduced serfdom by forbidding the workers of Borisovdrev to quit their jobs.

I won't ever give up.

Sentence #2416352 is my first ever contribution in Tatoeba.

I knew Harry knew something.

Petr didn't know how to tell Amos the truth.

You must put up with your new post for the present. I'll find you a better place one of these days.

In some societies, wives are still considered the property of their husbands.

You're up late, aren't you?

Unless you hurry, you will be late for school.

Nothing came up.

I worked hard for this money.

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It was well after midnight when Vassos got home.

Please make sure to air my room while I'm out.

Hold the line. I'll see if he is in.

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I can be very flexible.


I couldn't recognize her at first.


I'll check the list.

The story was so complicated that I couldn't follow it.

I've talked to Carlo.

Don't talk to your mother like that.

You have to stop him.

I read all your text messages.

You just sat there and did nothing.

Please put some more wood on the fire.

I have not been feeling well for two days.

I parted from her last night.

Sangho ate his lunch in the park by himself.


It won't take that long.

My father hates my reading a newspaper at breakfast.

Where does the moon go when it's not in the sky?

Arnold's car is blue.

He must be a bookworm to read ten books every day.

What do you have in your suitcase?

It was the morning of Easter. The bells sounded from the neighboring church, and the sun seemed to rejoice in the sky.


Obviously, I can't force you to do something you don't want to do.

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We knew we needed to be there by 2:30.

We saw a funny movie last Sunday.

I like Johnathan already.

He was dirty and ugly, half-frozen and half-starved; he always looked as if he never had enough to eat, which was really the case.

He is just the man for the job.


Denis should've listened to you.

That coach gave him good advice.

The people are on the team.


Dori was very cold.

I came as a tourist.

The news covers celebrity rehab stories extensively enough to avoid talking about war or corruption.


Was that Hein's actual voice or did she lip sync the song?

We can't just ignore this problem.

She attended the lecture on social welfare.

Treat the sprout gently, as you would treat a baby.

Someone is waiting for you downstairs.


I'm not impressed with Pascal.

Have you ever been to Australia?

Did Marika teach you some words of Japanese?

Are you the author of this book?

Thanks to his help, I finished my homework.


I was just at the company meating, where the new business plan was approved.

She activated an account.

Fortunately, the weather was good.


Kate's father is about the house.

Your friendship is most precious to me.

What is your goal?

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The fugitive ended up trapped at a dead end street.

Paola, you're so cheap!

I'll dance with them.

What exactly is going on here?

Eugene was singing with the children sitting around the campfire.

After all, it's reasonable.

It was nice to meet you.

My uncle is angry.

Dan came to the police station for questioning.

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Bryce's head is bandaged.

I've already tried doing that three times.

Shutoku insulted the waiter.

Taro's and Hanako's desk is small.

You won many competitions.

He worked his way up.

It is better that you should know the truth.

To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?

That is a circus!

I asked Mahesh about that.

You didn't think I let you down, did you?

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I have no idea what Amanda was talking about.


Byron was good and drunk.

Get stuffed!

He stubbornly persisted in his opinion.

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It's hectic at my place. How about we go back to your place and watch the game there?

Do you know the reason I came here?

Are you looking for anything in particular?


You should set a high value on every man's life.

Manufacturers add ethyl butyrate to their orange juice to make it taste fresher.

We are concerned about the further actualization of current problems among youth, such as truancy, dislike of school and lack of appropriate character development.

My nose itches.

Why do you believe others' words?


I make so bold as to ask you.

Don't you think that all our politicians are too old?

We're sick of your lies.

"Lemme see your painting, Manaka." "Must you? It's embarrassing!"

Eddie handed Lynnette a ham and cheese sandwich.


You should be scared.

Attachment isn't compassion.

Some people felt trapped.

Is that so? Let's go there next then.

Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way? Who hasn't? Come on...


What does his silence imply?

She tried to impress him.

I wish we had more time.

Adrian asked me if I knew Clyde.

You deserve more.

She cried when she heard the news.

Which Spanish-English dictionary would you recommend for beginners?

The president said that he would die for his country.

You're the only one who can solve this problem.

On his tour of Italy, he visited several cities which are famous for their scenic beauty, for instance, Naples and Florence.

I am come to offer what service may be in my power.

Jean-Pierre is still in intensive care.

How would you define normal?


Moreover, I judge that Carthage must be annihilated.