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The name of AVRO has been associated with innovation and engineering integrity in the Aviation industry since its beginnings at the outset of the 20th Century. AVRO Aircraft were the mainstay of the Royal Air Force through two world wars with the 504K training aeroplane of WW1 and the famous Lancaster Bomber of ‘Dambuster’ fame in WW2.

It is against this background of aviation strengths and determination that we created AVRO Airports Management Ltd.


AVRO Airports Management Ltd

Avro Airports Management has been established to provide effective management of the new generation of Airports. Airports are undergoing major changes in the way of operations with the significant advances in technology requiring an operator which has adapted to these changes. Avro has reviewed the structure of its management team to reflect these new trends. Technology has replaced manpower in many of the airport functions and telephones now provide passengers with connectivity, booking, checking in and guidance through Airport procedures. New approaches to security and immigration management provide a more flexible and efficient process of passengers through the Airport. Electronic shopping and purchasing is revolutionising the passenger experiences through the transit areas allowing for a more immersive and entertaining experience at the modern Airport. Avro are embracing all of these new technologies to provide a focused management to the Airports of the 21st Century.

This calls for a whole new approach to structuring the management Company and requires new skills within the management team. We have new departments dealing with technological maintenance, R&D looking at new systems and upgrades and we are providing ‘concierge’ services to ensure the passengers a more relaxed and enjoyable experience through the Airport.

The ground handling teams shall be supplied with ‘gate dedicated’ state of the art aircraft management systems such as GPS guided electric aircraft tugs to provide aircraft movement to and from the gates. This reduces the emissions of fuel whilst the aircraft is on the ground and reduces waiting time for processing the aircraft.

The Airports shall be be provided with Hydrant fueling thus reducing the number of fuel tankers and the consequent risks inherent with moving fuel around the airport.

The aviation and Airport sector is emerging as a major attractive asset class and as in all asset based operations it is necessary to provide state of the Art management techniques utilizing all the available technological advances.

But flying begins and ends on the ground, at airports. Efficient airports help to provide mobility for millions of travelers. At the same time, they strengthen business locations and form growth­drivers for cities, regions and entire countries. Well­run airports improve the infrastructure, strengthen the local competitive environment and promote economic progress. Successful airport management is a field that calls for specialists. Like AVRO.

AVRO has been founded to work passionately to make airports a focal point of a local economy. We stand for environmentally long­term solutions and sustainable ongoing value enhancement.

Based in London, AVRO is currently focusing its development in Eastern European Countries, bringing a new approach to the development of several existing regional Airports, whilst also being involved in the development of the newest Airport in Europe at Millenium Airport City to the South of Romania’s Capital City Bucharest.


The AVRO business model has two main pillars. One is asset management with the objective of improving operational efficiency and lastingly strengthening the economic potential of the regional airports in Romania.

The other is the management of New Airports where we are acting as industrial investors to deploy our airport competence in partnership with our co­shareholders.

At AVRO, hands­on experience and strategic operational expertise merge. Our Senior management all have individually extensive operational backgrounds in Airport and Airline management. Their input during the early design and development stages identify potential operational bottle necks and areas of concern. AVRO senior management take responsibility for operational reviews during the design development of new Airports or Airports redesign process concentrating on the operational efficiency and expansion and technological resilience aspects.

Avro are providing detailed procedural documents and operational and security manuals and protocols in compliance with the latest IATA and EU legislative requirements. These are augmented by the Avro ‘in-house’ procedural documents providing ISO qualitative assurance. This procedural approach assists in the approach to training new members of the team and avoids ‘creative interpretation’ which can lead to operational mistakes.

Technology is moving very quickly in the Aviation and Airport ‘space’, AVRO is planning to meet these challenges for tomorrow and beyond.

The current operators of many airports have a legacy of the ‘old’ systems as well as the space planning and structures of the existing airports. Within their management teams there are many managers who have not had sufficient exposure to the advances of technology that are sweeping the Industry. Our Management teams are created to manage the ‘new’ Airport and are instrumental in adopting the very latest techniques and innovative technology.

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Around the world, airports bring together people and goods. They attract retailers, catering outlets and service­providers. And they create jobs for the local economy. Airports are engines of global mobility – and as locational factors they are increasingly important for the economic development of entire regions. Keeping things that way necessitates ongoing investment in the future of each individual airport. Taking appropriate decisions calls not only for constant critical scrutiny of everyday operations and feedback from the Airport users and suppliers but also for an appraisal of the demands which airports will have to face in ten, twenty or thirty years.

Our airports projects are providing crisis­proof performance – through our dedicated and well organized teams and with them we expect to face up well to even the toughest of challenges.


Avro Airports Management

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