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Cross-Border eCommerce

eCommerce shops aren’t built to handle international business. This leaves both your shipping department and your customers lost in space. We globalize your platform with landed cost, payments, carriers and more.
  • 100% integration, any platform including yours
  • Full logistical control, your carriers
  • Payments, a galaxy of options
  • Implementation, we can help
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From the big bang came the uniVerse, from iGlobal comes theVerse. Ever-expanding and all-encompassing, theVerse integrates international consumers, your partners, and your websites, saving you thousands in development costs.
  • We don’t do logistics; our remarkable technology makes any eCommerce logistics work.
  • Robbi, a one of a kind, proprietary, cutting edge, unique, and infinite rules engine.
  • A global checkout is not enough; our tech give you full control over your global strategy.
Integrate easily - iGlobal Stores
Integrate easily
Our software will work on any cart system, including custom carts, and can go live in as little as 3 days.
Sell globally - iGlobal Stores
Sell globally
International customers have a perfect localized experience that includes correct address fields, duties and taxes, and currency.
Profit more - iGlobal Stores
Profit more
Our eCommerce solutions lead to fewer abandoned carts and reduced costs.

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