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These boxes of felt can have many uses, but I have loved to wrap gifts, because I think they can be great with the felt bows we have taught you before. Let’s make a felt box then.

How to make Explosive Box to give away step by step STEP 1. We mark the cardboard as in the drawing that you will see below (the dotted lines are crease zones). STEP 2. On a paper or piece of cardboard we mark and cut a square of 10 x 10 cm. We fold it in half by joining the corners so that we have a triangle and draw half a heart. In the following drawing you can see how the square and the heart inside are open. STEP 3. We cut the heart and use it as a template. If you look at the previous drawing, we see the heart in red. With the help of a pencil we mark hearts in the four corners and cut as in the drawing. In this way we will have the four corners with a heart shape. STEP 4. Now we have to fold the hearts in half to close the box. For this we try to join the two closest sides of the box and we mark the fold with the hand. Once we have it marked (and the box is well closed) we mark the folds with a folder. STEP 5. To decorate the interior walls of the explosive box I cut decorated papers of 9.5 x 9.5 cm, this measure will vary if you like to see the bottom more or less. If you do not want the bottom cardboard to be cut, cut it in the same way as the square that forms each wall, but if you want it to look a lot, cut the smaller square. STEP 6. In the box color craft I have made another “level”, for this I have used a cardboard of 27 x 27 cm and I have divided it as the following drawing. The dotted lines are folds and the red ones are cuts. Once the cuts are made, we mark the crease zones very well. STEP 7. To keep the flaps closed and remain as “secret” spaces I have used mini-magnets, which I have placed in the following way. First I stick the magnet of one of the tabs and I secure it with washi tape and then I put the other magnet on it and I put a drop of glue so that when it closes it stays marked where it goes. Once the magnets are dry, I put the decorated paper on top. These flaps do not appear decorated in the photos because I have reserved them to put texts and photos. STEP 8. To decorate the walls of this second interior box, I used 8 x 8 cm red cardboard and cut the corners. For the decoration I used cut-outs from the same collection. In one of the flaps I made a waterfall or waterfall, as it is called in English, and in another a heart that slips.