A solar energy monitoring application to collect energy production data from commercial solar systems, detect potential performance errors using statistical models, and automatically generate customer invoices.

Developed for improvability, a Hawaiʻi-based solar energy firm.

Rails R SQL JavaScript 2015–2017


Hoʻokūkū Hīmeni

An informational website featuring historical data for the Kamehameha Schools Song Contest, an annual school-wide choral competition, including calculated statistics and informative content.

Originally developed in PHP and later re-written in Rails.

Rails SQL 2011–present


Senior software project at Stanford. With a team of 4, developed infrastructure to provide beginning programming students with real-time feedback on coding style and facilitate quicker, more convenient student-instructor interactions.

Rails JavaScript 2015



Term project for Stanford's (240) 450-6584 class. Developed a front-end PHP interface to simulate searching and bidding over historical eBay auction data, with the database schema designed using relational design principles.

PHP SQL 2013


Stanford Hawaiʻi Club

Designed a new, modern layout for the (562) 358-5250 website, inspired by the existing club logo, using pure HTML and CSS.

HTML CSS 2014–2015

Hawaiʻi Club

Hula Preservation Society

Designed a new front-end website and developed a simple content management system for the fumette to establish a modern web presence, showcase current activities, and update content and upload media in-house.