One day I will get married and give birth, but now I want to live for myself.


The lab is empty.

Tandy's swimming.

The food's ready.

What souvenir do you think she would like most?

Let me talk with her.


Maybe it'll work.

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You should receive the letter by next Monday.

There's the doctor.

Jean is next on the list.

Old has to go shopping now.

I shouldn't have told them.

I wonder why Konrad didn't do that.

Please send this package right away.

I beg you to forgive me.

They're just using you.

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Byron told Marty he wouldn't go without her.


Hughes said it would be impossible.


The planets and the stars insist on illuminating eager minds, being a guide among the darkness.

Linguistics is a science that tries to describe language.

My wife's hands are slightly smaller than the shop assistant's.

You sound funny.


This clock must have belonged to Theodore's father.

How much, or what parts of the books called the New Testament, were written by the persons whose names they bear, is what we can know nothing of, neither are we certain in what language they were originally written.

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She will get married to a rich man.

Guy played an old Irish song on his new French horn.

Do you think he still keeps my letters?

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Miriam looks tired. Please take him home.

I would be bored if I had to count to five hundred twenty-four thousand three hundred seventy-two.

The starlet showed up at the premier flanked by two, big bodyguards.


There were 144 passengers and 6 crew members on board this plane.

It is said that the dog is man's best friend.

Part is eccentric.

I made very short work of the big steak.

A mere repetition of other people's research cannot be called true scientific research.

Just like Jupiter, Saturn emits twice as much heat as it absorbs from the Sun indicating it also has an internal heat source.

We've just had our coldest August morning for twenty years.


If you pay attention to your foreign friends, you may be surprised that their customs and habits are different from yours.

No matter how busy I become, I'll always have time for my children.

I can't fire him.


I took to her.

I bought lots of books.

Don't deny it.

An inner defect never fails to express itself outwardly.

I should've listened to my mother.


I get off work at 2:30.

Let's try to change the system.

She should be in charge.


If he comes, tell him to wait for me.

There's no choice.

My plants are happy.


The illustration shows the deep interior.


The bank stays open from eight until two.

The other children call her Piggy.

The statesman barely coped with the intricate issue.


I'd like to see them both.


Let me talk to her.

Would you recognize Vivek?

He can't speak English, much less French.

From the look of the cabin, no one lives in it.

We're correct.


Ethan is hardly listening.


You think I'm lying, don't you?

She is the goddess of orgy.

Horst said that it would be a simple rescue operation.

Fare thee well! and if for ever, still for ever, fare thee well.

He makes it a rule to go to bed at eleven o'clock.

Kevin can't walk.

You tricked me!

I will accept the work, provided that you help me.

I wanted to hug him.

I've been here for an hour.

We've worked hard.

I had to fire her.

I think that Petr and I overdid it a little last night.


The sooner you give up, the greater the benefits.

Allan and Jesse were at John's funeral.

Nobody wants to help you.


It just doesn't count.


Why did you ask me?

Show me your passport, please.

Socorrito pleaded guilty.

He does not like being punished.

That's unbelievable!

I have nothing to boast about.

He was scared to admit that he didn't know.

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Jesus is God in Christianity.


I'm all alone on this.

My husband is the jealous type.

My pen won't work. What did you do to it?

Give me a report upon arrival.

I knew people would talk.

Is it true that you cleared the garden?

He told me that his father was a doctor.


What do you think of our collection?

Hippies like to wear flares and paint flowers on their faces.

This plant has some burned leaves.


The attempt failed.

We have a small vegetable garden.

We told everyone about what had happened.

My father has recently come back to Japan.

A few minor mistakes apart, your writing is good.

I hope you don't do that around Sonny.

Mathematicians are like French people: whatever you tell them they translate it into their own language and turn it into something totally different.

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You're a philosopher, aren't you?

In the middle of the test, my stomach started making noises (Growl), I was embarrassed.

I think that what he says isn't true.

Felix was the one who taught Billy how to ride a bicycle.

This is the way Oscar told us to do it.

Can you let me pass?

Elliot said he'd be right over.

Here, take my jacket.

I'm used to this kind of cold.


I'm afraid I have no experience.


The 1960s were years of protest and reform.


They often say that life is short.

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All hope abandon, ye who enter in.

I was kind of surprised that Denis did that.

If you read, you will survive.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

I know every trick in the book.

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Space colonists thought that language was an important aspect of their lives. They sought an appropriate language.

He is a man of many talents.

Some staff members at health clubs ought to be trained in the proper use of a defibrillator.

Wait for them.

I hate waiting like this.

I'm going to hang up now.

How many books a month do you read?

You should come with us.

Anybody with at least a two-digit IQ knows this was a politically biased choice.

Then the pen fell from my hand and I just listened.

Jennie is a coward. He ran from the battle.


She ignored the warning.

Christopher Columbus was the spearhead of the biggest invasion and genocide ever seen in the history of humanity.

You may follow along.


You did a great job.

He didn't tell me his name.

I don't know how to stop it.

The boss told Mah that he had to wear a suit and tie to work.

I brought presents from Redang Island.


She wants to be the singer.


It had been made a condition with these clerks that they should not marry; so that those who lived to be old had to take care of themselves, to attend to their own comforts, and even to light their own fires, when they had any to light. Many of them were very aged; lonely old boys, with strange thoughts and eccentric habits.

We'll whip you soundly!

I've got a cold.


The mere idea of swimming across the river made me tremble.


Kazuhiro certainly has a better understanding of this matter than I do.

I need the ladder.

Brandy might help you if you ask him politely.


I think Jochen is sneaky.

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I should've paid in advance.

I will borrow a pen.

It's obvious that she doesn't care about us.

If you had known, you would have told me, wouldn't you?

He ascended the stairs.

You've got to trust us.

I had to arrest Hector.

Don't forget to open the window in your room.

What a fool I was!