I'm not thinking about it.


It's 8:00 p.m.

Whose turn is it to make the coffee?

Sarah wasn't sure how to answer.

The spokesman confirmed that the report was true.

I got such a terrible cold because of all the wind that the buildings cause.

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How much does this tie cost?

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Tell her to come here.

There's a pay phone over there.

I had forgotten all about today's meeting. I'm glad you reminded me.

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During the past 2 or 3 years, many Japanese have been killed or injured in traffic accidents while traveling overseas.

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I knew you'd come through for me.

I heard that footprints of an abominable snowman have been discovered in the Himalayas.

Petr would do the same thing.

I warned him not to come here.

He did it at his leisure.


Sofia thought he was doing what Joubert wanted him to do.

I think he's a competent person.

Whatever you're selling, I'm not interested.

In any case, the union has to compromise to a certain extent.

It isn't expensive.

In the morning I always wake up around seven o'clock.

Is that okay?

I don't want to be your wife.

What do we tell him?

Parents have various influences on their children.

I don't want to go anywhere today. It's cold outside and I have to get up early tomorrow.

Sorry, I can't do that.

Henry wants to see you.

He is a tennis champion.

This place is a labyrinth.

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He pulls down at least twenty million yen a year.

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Ah, when will they meet again?

I have one too.

His eyes are wet with tears.

I'm going to let you do whatever you want to do.

Dan looked at Linda's apartment from his window.

I think you underestimate us.

I would like a word with Mark.


Tyler's got a terrible case of the runs.

Before the arrival of this skyscraper, all the buildings in the city stood in special relationship to each other.

Niels turned and walked out of the room.

Shut that bloody door!

At every step, we face obstacles.

Where were you 3 years ago?

I wonder what we're going to do after this.

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Once upon a time there was a poor man and a rich woman.

This is the best book I've read so far.

She uses different aspects of Scottish dialects.

Please remember to mail my letter.

I was forced to sign my name.


Brooke can't be saved.


He is gay.

I don't think I'm ready.

Visit our website for additional information.


We were together about three years.

This tie doesn't go with my suit.

I wasn't so much sad as I was angry.

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I read a lot in my diary yesterday.

Just don't forget to smile.

When did you do this?

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The Hermitage Museum is located in Saint Petersburg.

Why don't you come dancing with me?

He bought his daughter a new computer for her birthday.

I'll meet you in the baggage claims area.

Today is April 1! Let's play some pranks!

This house and this land are mine.

Do you also like doing crossword puzzles?

He was puzzled by the question.

I forgot my whatchamacallit in the taxi.

The doctor said that this sickness is irremediable.

Kenton didn't expect Winston to be here.


Her absence robbed us of our pleasure.

That's very encouraging.

Nobody insulted my country.

I can't remember Case's last name.

The pan suddenly caught fire while I was frying some strips of bacon yesterday.

He speaks few languages.

She knew his secret.

The university administration lowered tuition.

Please take off your shirt.

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Can I ask her a question?


It was quite right of her to do that.

Audrey's dangerous.

I heard that Archie was gunned down.


Those are my daughters.

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You'll get another chance.


The vision that was planted in my senses still silently lingers.

Since it will be cold soon, it might be nice to enjoy doing something outdoors the final few warm days we have before winter sets in.

I want you to finish your homework before you start playing games.

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Toby remained in England ever since.


India ink produces an interesting pattern when used as a dye.

If you go on drinking so much, you may well end up an alcoholic.

Don't be like the rest of them. You're so beautiful just the way you are.

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I heard my dog barking, so I opened the curtains and looked outside.

I'm restless.

Why does catnip make cats loopy?

I didn't like those choices.

Get us some water.

I really like the Sun.

The river is shallow at this point.

It is very dear.

I was hoping that we would find something to eat in the fridge.

New Order of the Ages

Even though it's small, it's still a great car.


I wish you didn't call me all the time.


Could you translate this sentence into English?

Why was she laughing?

I am sorry your plan counts for nothing.

Soft music is often conducive to sleep.

He has been living in Ankara for six years.

Thanks to you, the backlog of tedious work has been completed.

I'll get dinner started.

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That person died.

I don't like Bill, who gets angry easily.

Valeria described himself in the lonely hearts' column as a dependable, dedicated, God-fearing 40-year-old who was seeking a like-minded female for companionship.

The senior citizens' spirits were high in spite of the bad weather.

No admittance during the performance.

Clearly, you have feelings for Sunil.

Everybody's having a good time.

I need some answers from him.

Three customers came in just as we were closing.

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In a few days, the baby will be able to walk.


Is it your bike?

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A pygmy is something that is a very small example of its type.

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Teachers should never make fun of students who make mistakes.

Jeffie might've followed Elvis.

The docs are looking into it.

Where are they?

Nothing else is important right now.


I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Jarmo is my hero.

Shatter is next on the list.

Don't you think you are a little too pushy?

Martyn got into his car and quickly drove off.


They should have one.

Why did you bring a gun?

Forests regulate the water cycle and take away harmful carbon dioxide.

Keep him from eating too much.

Jitendra is afraid of Brendan.

Bob is still afraid of Panacea.

Chess is the gymnastic school of the intellect.

I think you should give Dan a chance.

Dawn likes surfing.

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Do you compost?


Warren deserves to be blamed.

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Raphael is mentally handicapped.


He towers above the rest of the class.


She interrupted me.

She won a prize in the spelling competition.

I could have left my umbrella in the bus.

I'm sorry my pronunciation isn't very good.

Let me check something.

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How many cities are in Montana ?

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I can't thank you enough for all your kindness.

You can run on ahead and I'll catch you up later.

Strawberry juice is good for your memory.

Were you two close?

Your sister didn't hurt herself, did she?