What he did drove me mad.

This should be wrapped up as soon as possible.


We competed with each other for the prize.

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Ti is probably over thirty.


Charlie just can't stay away.


Ariel is a horrible person.

He was sent abroad as a correspondent.

They found a secluded beach where they spent the day.


I thought I'd found the perfect hiding place.

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We're going out to celebrate.

The garden was full of beautiful yellow flowers.

There is little water left in the canteen.

Do you believe in the spirit world?

He is listening to music in his room.

Gideon arrested me.

She turned against her old friend.

He learned French in school, but he forgot much of it.

Todd gave Tuna a meaningful look.


Jayesh enjoys playing golf.

Our city has been experiencing power cuts for six years now.

He who fights may lose, but he who doesn't has already lost.

I wanted to hear you say that.

Will you put down that paper and listen to me?

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At this point, I'm unable to comment on that problem.

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I feel sorry for him.


This crime was probably committed by a woman.


I'm just playing the odds.

Cary is brushing her hair.

I don't know how long this will take.

I can't talk to anyone else.

Sjouke explained the schedule to Calvin.

The ballerinas around the walls are stretching their legs and feet so their muscles will not become stiff.

What's the most important in life?

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Give me back my gloves.

I never expected this.

I understand how good Skip is.

Free advice isn't always good advice.

I have an Ecuadorian friend.

You have wounded my feelings.

I'd just come in the door when the phone rang.

She helped her mother of her own accord.

There wasn't anyone in the room.


Your maid is not the first one to get screwed

Vern was more than happy to change the subject.

You didn't eat very much.

I think we're being followed.

That's expensive.


Are you still thinking about applying to Harvard?


I listen to sad music when I'm sad.

Make it a little louder.

The trade imbalance bulks large in our minds.

I'll have a coffee and a croissant.

I'm as surprised as you are.

My boss has never invited me to her house.

He took charge of the family business after his father died.


I was abasing him for being smart.

Safety comes first.

Miki has helped me in the past.

Edgar is a nutty old bat.

I know you're up against it.

Sandy and Jisheng often play tennis on grass courts.

What kinds of beers do you have?


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It happens sometimes.

Hm, the picture is hanging crooked.

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Timo would tell you the same thing.

I couldn't find my keys.

Malcolm obeyed Tahsin.


I don't want anyone to know where we are.


A strong wind is blowing and I can't walk fast.

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We didn't even discuss it.

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They were adults.


Soon, we are all going to sleep.

She will start her maternity leave next week.

I hear that Srinivas really speaks French well.

Do you know who invented the Ferris wheel?

At what hour was she born?

I was going to wait till Hunter got here.

I need corrective lenses.

Translator, traitor.

I sleep during the day and work at night.

I don't like eating pineapples. They taste quite sour.

My home is about three miles from here.


Won't you speak to Sergio about it?

What on earth is the matter?

His efforts were in vain.


Was it so large as that?

I have other cards up my sleeve.

When are you planning to get married?

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If you find the man, please let me know at once.

Would you mind if we stayed here for a while?

Nathaniel wanted to play another game.

We were worried about them.

Unfortunately, they didn't listen to my warnings.

You do know how to do that, don't you?

Make certain where he is now.

She fears for her life.

Give me the green book.


Keep your hands above the table.

I had fun here.

Please be careful of your health.

You won't need an umbrella today.

That's not your fault.

I'd just like to be able to save a little money.

My heart knows the truth.

Why is everyone staring at him?

Ozan isn't Vladimir's wife.

Shakil plunged into the water and swam to the other side.

We must help each other, it's nature's law.

Guess how much that cost me.

I'm impressed, Kelly.

They're coming back.

Nigel asked Sugih to call the police.

Let's pack our suitcases and get ready to go.

You can't leave us alone.

They hate parties.

Children seek approval from their parents.

He firmly refused the Premier's earnest request.

Have you tried talking with Dean?

Cinderella had two evil stepsisters.

Are you from a planet on which only women live?


Chicken pox is an itchy nuisance for kids.


What do you want them for?

How about tomorrow?

I am constantly amazed at the energy of my grandparents.

What would you do if you retired?

Do you mean that you don't want me to come?

Where were you today?

East or West, home is best.


I showed one.

You don't do a useful snitch of work.

I speak French very well.

This rule is often ignored.

You'll ruin your clothing.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a marvelous city.

I don't know much about this subject.

Bradley snuck out of the room.

I think that, and then I forget.


His face was very chubby.


Elliott didn't invite me to his birthday party.

What exactly are we having this party for?

She wants to buy a car, but she can't afford to.

Jun is looking up into the sky.

I took one class, but I've found that real-life experience is much more useful.


This cloth tears easily.

Try explaining that to Raj.

Is he free on Friday afternoon?

Samir forced open the door with a crowbar.

I have something that belongs to you. Why don't you come over and pick it up?

We were in four.

Her CDs are not bought by young people.

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We don't have a car.

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He pinched my arm.

The workers pushed for a raise in salary.

He stole money from her wallet.

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The sun was warm in the morning, but it's cold at this moment.

He followed his sister's example and demanded more money.

Or is it still a mystery?

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Give me my money back.

I couldn't stand the itching.

That sounds awesome.


Jeanette has a broken leg.