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In addition to producing several very technological gadgets, Anker also designs simple devices that allow you to perform some operations with maximum convenience. It is the case of the new Anker Card Reader 2-in-1 USB-C brought recently to Amazon Italy and of which we will discover together the performances in this review today. The sales box includes only the Anker Card Reader USB-C 2-in-1 which can be easily removed from the convenient front opening. I would have preferred, however, to find at least the main technical characteristics of the product on the back of the package. The Anker Card Reader USB-C boasts an extremely compact design, made of premium materials and built to be used over 10,000 times. Mainly, the card reader has a structure composed mainly of aluminum with two plastic sides. It is a light and easily transportable product.
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We are overloaded technology

Starting today, Huawei has introduced Honor 10 GT, the first smartphone of the house to offer a quantity of 8GB of RAM, representing an enhanced edition of the younger brother Honor 10 that debuted the April medal this year. Huawei Honor 10 GT: here is the older brother with 8GB of RAM and GPU Turbo Huawei Honor 10 GT, owes its name to the presence of the Turbo GPU technology, can significantly improve the performance of the smartphone graphics chip by at least 60%. The technology was introduced for the first time on Honor Play and makes it possible to accelerate the GPU in the most critical moments of calculation in games or other situations, while reducing consumption by 30%.

On the front there is the Anker logo while on the back some information and certifications obtained from the product. The right side is completely clean while the USB Type-C connector is on the left side. The lower part, however, houses the two slots for SD and micro SD. Speaking of numbers, the Anker Card Reader USB-C 2-in-1 measures 45 x 20 x 10 mm and weighs 9.2 grams. Anker claims that he designed this card reader to work flawlessly with virtually any device with a Type-C USB port. The main role of this small gadget is to allow the exchange of files on the fly coming from an SD or a micro SD, both or between the two.

Honor 10 GT – Features Huawei Honor 10 GT is equipped with an energy saving, which ensures that consumption during the 8 hours of standby time is only 2-3%. Regarding the multimedia and photographic sector, the device borrows the specifications of the standard version, offering a 5.8-inch IPS LCD display and FHD resolution of 2280 × 1080 pixels. Under the bonnet is a Kirin 970, which over 8GB of RAM, will be accompanied by 128GB of memory for internal storage. The back of the Honor 10 GT is characterized by a dual 24 + 16 megapixel camera, while in the front there is a sensor for selfie 24 megapixel. The cameras will also include, through a software update that will be released later, the Super Night Scene function, with anti-shake technology assisted by artificial intelligence, capable of capturing beautiful night photos without mounting a tripod.

The new Bluetooth headphones made by Anker have a folding design that allows you to easily store them together with its accessories in the semi-rigid travel bag. The Soundcore Space NC have a design that I personally appreciated a lot, especially for elegance and comfort. Although they are made entirely of plastic, they are quite robust and allow you to listen to your favorite songs even outside without fear of damaging them. In addition to plastic, we find a leatherette lining under the bow (more precisely where the head rests), on the pavilions (in soft memory foam) and on the two outer sides of the earphones. Anker has implemented a metal band inside the arc to increase the robustness of the product, a choice definitely apt as it is the point where they flex more. The bow can be adjusted in different steps so as to adapt the Space NC to any type of garment and moreover the same pavilions can rotate in various positions so as to find the right one. Since we are talking about headphones with an over-ear design, the two pavilions completely embrace the ear. This means that you will be completely isolated from outside noise, but you may sweat a lot if you wear them for a long time, especially on hot summer days.