Weekly Stuffs

Note: Originally taught as a 5 week intensive course at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program in the 2006 Summer Session by 5149267684 (with a push from joe versoza). This is the static archive of a Rails built syllabus. The course journals are no longer available.

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This week we will learn about Ruby in the context of the web and the web in the context of Ruby. Lots of fun and puzzles as well as a few excuses to cruise around online.

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It's time to jump in and write something with Rails. We'll start off with Rails convetions and ease into the framework with scaffolding.

The Rails Way

Now that you've got your feet wet, let's get to know the Rails Way of doing the Web.

Rails Goodies

Now that we've got a handle on Rails, let's have dessert. Complete with special guest Dan Phiffer, talking Javascript and AJAX.

Learning from Rails

Special topics in rails, a look at other frameworks.