The human heart is analogous to a pump.

I couldn't go there today.


The typhoon caused great damage to the crops.


A green field is a beautiful field.

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My parents will be home about 2:30.


We have time enough to eat.

I've never experienced anything quite like this before.

Dan planned to build a resort on that island.


Beverly used to be shy.

Pharmaceutical companies hide information from the public about the safety of the medications they sell.

What did your wife say?


Churches are designated on the map with crosses.

It still amazes me what she could coax out of table scraps.

Additionally to Internet censorship, the Belarusian government systematically conducts Distributed Denial of Service attacks against a number of pro-democratic news sites on the dates of anti-government protests and elections.

It looks like it is going to clear up soon.

There's nothing worse than a long-distance relationship.

After working hard all the weekend, finally we have a livable apartment!

I couldn't but be irritated with you.


How have you been sleeping?

You can use a tongue cleaner to clean your tongue.

Rusty has been trying to reach you.

I frequently talk to Raymond.

Roxanne didn't want me here.


How are you doing, Josip?


You had some, didn't you?

Flames have no mercy for anyone.

The government owed millions of dollars.


Has Jill ever been treated for mental illness?


Why is machine translation useless?

Mari has been to Hungary.

She has gone through many difficulties.

This new product of ours is a serious blow to our rival company.

Don't be so careless!

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It is cool after the rain.

Tuan had a little problem earlier.

I'm in the attic.

My favorite pastime is strolling along the shore.

I can be as stubborn as you are.

Cecily Debrujn was killed in the year 1956 in the age of 16.

It is to his advantage.

It's an awfully big responsibility.

That book is worth reading.

At your service, my dear sir!

I'm feeling guilty.

You're off your trolley!

When my father found out that I've been going out with Nimrod Nick, he got very angry.

That was him.

I think Izzy is motivated.


But I don't really profit from it.

There was a small audience in the hall.

I think Rusty is considerate.

The leaders were out of touch with the people.

First John put on his coat, and then he picked up his hat.

Mitch likes science fiction.

Jess wants you to help him paint the fence.


Most dinner parties end about eleven o'clock.


Hey, open the door.

There's a church behind my house.

Here, look at this.

I'm helping them out with something.

He went home on foot.

I've learned to accept that.

Can you take a break?

What a good speaker of English you are!

You're acting like a small child.

Is my French really that bad?

We helped her.

This is too difficult for me.

The city's transportation system disintegrated.

My life would probably have been quite different if I had been born a month later.

The customer's complaint was about a sensitive issue.

My grandmother texts faster than you.

She took a flower from the vase and held it out to me.


We must get some.

I hope I don't die today.

Kevan looks like he's in a lot of pain.

I can't believe you'd cheat on Amigo. After everything she's been through!

She bought some paper that she could use for writing letters.

James said you'd never come.

I have been acquainted with the mayor for more than twenty years.

Something's burning.

That child is a picky eater.

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The beer's very cold.


I think I'd better go with Elric.


It's warm today, isn't it?

That's not a bear anymore. That's bear goo.

"I am treating a patient", the doctor said.

Are the Chinese GDP figures a case of the boy crying wolf?

He isn't running.

Dan found a bruise on his son's thigh.

I lost my keys.

Is there somebody you want to see?

Why didn't you listen to your mother?

You already know what to do.

Being sick is very boring.

People are living in all parts of the world.

She is always busy.

He hoped to succeed.

I want a sandwich without cheese.


The thunderstorm yesterday delayed the delivery of the mail.

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I thought you'd enjoy this.

Is this your family?

His last play was a great success.


He was innocent.

You're the one who quit.

We've humiliated them.

He has nothing.

He couldn't hold back his tears.

She made believe that she had not heard him.

When do you want to meet them?

I'm not sure if I have the courage to ask for her number.

Alf peeled the potatoes.

I plan to take a gap year before going to university.

I don't want to interrupt him.


His face is known to many people.


From where is he?


Some birds are sitting on the branch of that tree.

Since no one knew me there, I told them my name was Teri.

His grandfather always supported his ideas.


The true conservative seeks to protect the system of private property and free enterprise by correcting such injustices and inequalities as arise from it.

I teach French to young children.

Don't pour hot water into the glass or it will crack.


He is desirous of going abroad.

Maybe Mehrdad didn't use the right kind of bait.

Rayan will like this game, I think.


I saw the boxing match on television.

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My finger turned brown after I dipped it in a slightly concentrated solution of potassium permanganate.

Do you want me to leave now?

When we are in good health, we are apt to forget its value.

I'll never forget to meet you.

Do you know where to find them?

Raif is just plain wrong.

She had black and shining eyes.


He has a new girlfriend on the Internet. Her name is Tatoeba.


It's going to be mine.

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I've had enough of your lip for one day.

I'll meet Joyce some other time.

We called on him for a speech.

The blisters have formed scabs.

You drive me crazy.

I remember being introduced to him at a party last year.

There's a gas leak.

My son is just idling.

The winter's sun gives only little warmth.


I always say yes!

Bret listens.

Do you like juice?


When you come next time, bring your brother.

You must feed the machine.

The teacher gathered his students around him.

This made me interested in how some international proper names are written in Japanese.

It's my younger brother's.

I was flabbergasted when I found out that Hugh used to be called Peter.

Clay visited Siping first.


Look at me! I'm an honest businessman. I didn't do anything wrong. I am being accused of something I've never done.


Andrea bought a new case for his saxophone.

He assembles washing machines.

Have you found any clues to the problem?

How long has Aaron been missing?

I work for three hours every Saturday morning.


We don't do it very often.

Those birds build their nests in the summer and fly to the south in the winter.

Things will be pretty quiet around here until hockey season begins.