The office is full of competent people.

She's the teacher's pet.

Let's talk over a cold beer.

We're like brothers.

Let's talk about your career.

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I'm so happy for you two.

Are you really Canadian?

We've had lot of complaints.

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You must be mistaken.

This is the village where he was born.

Duke was truthful.

Patricia poured Robert a snifter full of brandy.

I have some good news to report.

This is the end of the line.

I believe that suicide is wrong.

I'm nothing like her.

She has writing talent.

Return with the sender.

I should've reacted differently.

After skiing, I find that I have a voracious appetite.

You may say anything but the truth.

The rain turned the road into a quagmire.

We should ban advertising aimed towards children.

Who had injured you?

Bryce is quite spontaneous.


The ship sunk and all hands were lost.

Bertrand didn't seem to understand your explanation.

Stu realized right away that he should have worn a heavier coat.

I know all the places to hide.

They have admitted their defeat.


They went to Sao Paulo.

I can smell Dick's perfume. She must have been here earlier.

Hand me that broom.

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"Give me another bottle", he said.

Although an increase of unmarried mothers is needed in order to escape the declining birth rate for some reason public opinion in Japan is avoiding this argument.

Steven signed for something.

She looks young, but as a matter of fact she is older than you are.

What did you do to my computer?

It's the other one.

Japan is expected to play a greater role in international society.


What are you people thinking?

We had a fun day at the beach.

The lion is called the king of animals.

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Red wine is beneficial, its secret lies in dosing.

You shouldn't show off your sins.

He seems to know the secret.

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I need a new extension cord like this one.

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I want her killed.

I sacked him.

For a start, I visited Jerusalem - a sacred place for three major religions.

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Delbert and Price had a romantic picnic by the river.


Please stay as long as you wish.


Brazil is a large country.


I am looking for an effective method to get rid of all the weeds in my yard.

The woman they were due to call has left.

I like it more and more.

I bent over to pick up my pen which had fallen on the floor.

This sweater seems like something Betty would love. It's just so "her"!

You broke her heart.

It's all you can really do.

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You look upon my idea as being behind the times.

No matter how old you are, it is still possible to learn.

Time is the stuff of life.


At last, Axel recovered her senses.


Please reply by return.


There is a rock in my shoe.

Josip looked through the peephole in the door.

Do what's best for him.

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I'm really, really sorry.

I remember when my old grandpap used to sit out on the porch lightly strumming his guitar.

The moon shines in the sky.


When I was in Paris, I became acquainted with two or three painters, and I went to visit their atelier from time to time. I was always fascinated by their method of work and their way of life.

Call Warren, but don't tell him what happened.

Moran has a beautiful tan.

Last night, I read a book.

Cold numbs the limbs.

An electric heater warms up the ceramic tiles of the bathroom floor.

I think we should hire him.


I'll come at noon to pick you up.

In this family, jokes are not laughed at but rejoined with other jokes.

My parents are probably starting to worry.


We had lunch at Chuck's Bar and Grill on Park Street.

The end of the era of petroleum is in sight.

So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence.

This river is dangerous to swim across.

Please come over if you have time.

The room is very dark.

You can buy now and pay later with credit.

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My wife is asleep on the couch, but her snoring is disturbing my sleep.

Wow, this is loud!

Maybe there is someone else in the house.

We can derive pleasure from books.

"Is this your first time in Australia?" "Yes, this is my first time here."

The crook was Marguerite.

It's good for your health to get up early in the morning.

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Karam is a new teacher.

She went astray in the woods.

What would the cost be?

I like a day like a dream.

They all envied my new car.


They defied the policeman's order.

I'm going to keep working.

She doesn't live here anymore.

The door handle is broken.

I'm going to tell Sundaresan everything he wants to know.

Though it was very late, he went on working.

Only one who lives here, knows the coldness.

The wise teacher knew about the sap.

You're the one who taught me how to do this.


Jochen waited for the applause to die down before he announced the next song.

If you don't want us to get in Frank's way, we won't.

Why does Gabriel cry so much?

They will discuss it.

I wanted to ask Lars to come over to help me paint the ceiling.


He is a good violinist, isn't he?

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I don't see why we can't talk.

Where did you soil them?

If there be nothing, but that which is has been before, how are our brains beguiled, which, laboring for invention, bear amiss the second burden of a former child!

The shoes match this white skirt.

It is not known when he came up to London.

I have never seen anyone who could solve that problem without help.

He lived next door to us.

This sweater will stand washing.

We had a layover in Boston.


I just want you to consider the possibility that you are wrong.

I waited all day, but Isabelle never showed up.

I thought you could handle Neal.

Let's have a party for Alain.

Klaudia asked Doug if she'd return soon.

Giovanni wasn't able to find a place to park.

I want to try to be fair.


This book is really boring.

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Prices dropped suddenly.

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She probably knows the answer.

We have a few classes together.

He went so far as to say that I was coward.

Do you want to know a secret?

Ted seems to want this as badly as Blair does.

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Consult a doctor.

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I can do that.

Gene groped for the flashlight that had fallen behind the couch.

A sell-out crowd was there to watch the final.

Let's go on a date tonight.

Irwin will help Wendi tomorrow.

That's a weird sentence.

This book is really old.

Are you ready for today's exam?

Oscar can't get Alexander to make up her mind.

I forgave you a long time ago.

They did mean that.

Dan is Linda's one true love.

I just have to keep working.

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I saw your light was on and knew you were still awake.

I don't like families that quarrel amongst themselves.

Somebody was talking to them.

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Emmy folded the napkin in half.

The little ones stood quite silent, but only for a minute; then they shouted till the room rang: they danced gleefully round the Tree, and one present after another was plucked from it.

Mr.Tanaka was hired as a salesman.

How hard could it possibly be?

The speed of the spread of AIDS is horrifyingly fast.

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The farmer looked at Tony, "How old are you, boy?" he asked.


I knew you'd stay.