I thought you might try to do something like that.

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Dan went to his first exam unprepared.

The snow's a foot deep.

The opposite word of wrong is right.

Interested, he turned to the teacher.

He blamed it on me.

Hold still or you'll be shot.

Moe received many beautiful birthday cards.

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Summer vacation always equals idleness and relaxation.

That's all he thinks about.

Frankly, no one really stands out.

Let's try to change the system.

Ellen is the last person I want to see now.

Six months later, they were married.

Miles was exhausted after his trip and it took him at least a week to recover from it.

I don't like it when you're so happy.

I was just doing what had to be done.


I've been a member of this organization for five years. Oh wait, no. Six.


He was easily influenced.


When you're at work, if you have a lot of workmates, it's surprisingly difficult to build a consensus.

Would you like to give it a try?

Mariou suffocated Tharen with a feather pillow.


Today is June 18 and it is Muriel's birthday!


His courage went down in history.

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I can't believe Win just did that.


Terrence didn't notice anything suspicious.


He earned as much as 100,000 yen working part-time last month.


I have much work today.

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern.

That was the whole idea.

There is a village about three kilometers up the river from here.

In the temple courts he found men selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables.

He is always seeking for fame and wealth.

Really? That's so interesting.

This is a beautiful house.

Our plane is flying toward the south.

Everybody's in bed.

No one knows his address but Erik.

Page has a dark complexion.

"Will you buy it for me?" "Buy what?"

We're on our way to Boston.

Leads wants to be a designer.

Let's begin the discussion after he comes.

This will help.

Leave the key.

I'll take some of that.

You have an entry ticket.

How are you planning on doing that?

Walter wore a black suit and tie.

I'm leaving, but you don't have to cry.

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Cyrus refused to talk to me.

As far as I know, he is honest.

I may as well stay alone as keep him company.

Agatha had often heard about Bret, but hadn't yet met her.

We think that we die for our country, but we die for corporations.


I speak Interlingua.


I look upon him as a fool.

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Feel free to stay.

I'm trying to figure out what you do for fun.

I don't have my purse.

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Who is your friend?

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Micky is close to Wayne.

We'll see to it later.

The constitutional court will issue a decision by noon today.

This food is both nutritious and delicious.

Would you be able to write down the link to the site?

He is always joking.

I feel like I've been thrown in the deep end.

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That is new a shop which opened last week.

He was put up for adoption.

Let's start!

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This is me, I'm eating a banana.

If people weren't such jerks, maybe we'd all be better off.

I can't find the address of my hotel.

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You won't bleed to death.

I have to go to the mosque.

An oppressive feeling attacked me around the chest.

One can trust him.

Which CD do you want to listen to?

What're you working on?

Tim has lost his keys.

"How do you explain that?" "I can't."

The syntax of Python scripts is very simple.


Carol was the one who told me how to say "thank you" in French.

You're like family.

Do you wish you could travel in space?

Close your eyes and sleep!

That was remarkable.


It is quite common now to meet with young people who do not know the Bible.

I've got to find it.

It won't do you much good.

I'm not filtering your tea.

When you are in Rome, act like the romans.


John Lennon was born in 1940.

The birds are flying near the people.

My daughter sleeps eight hours a day.

Draft beer tastes especially good on a hot day.

The chakras are all aligned in a vertical column along one's spine.

Anyone stupid enough to go there is asking for it.

I seem to have caught a cold.

My father has been to Australia twice.

Tell me what's happening back home.

Karl married an older girl.

It fills it up way too fast!

I don't have a good feeling about this.

This is the last thing I need right now.

Your help isn't required.

Would you mind telling me where you're going?

The cat has just passed by beside me.

How did you find the time to read so many books?

We arrived at the station at five.

What is shown in the above experiment is that the right hemisphere of the brain is not used at all.

He's not worthy of you.

Please put your name and address, please.

How long has it been!

Our rented car broke drown during the journey.


Clearly, we have different priorities.

I haven't seen him all day.

You do not speak English.

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His story sounds true.

He pretended not to be listening.

Vance is terrified of talking to strangers.


You will be able to speak English.

A passport is a valid form of identification.

Isn't it enough?

His mother had three sons, of whom he was the youngest.

You are a moron.


I need help filling out this application form.

He stood silent for a moment before speaking.

In order to read what is good one must make it a condition never to read what is bad.

The train station is next to the hotel.

She didn't like her husband.

Even if it takes me the whole day, I will do the typing.

He got out a book and began to read it.

Irvin is pretty romantic, isn't he?

I met with an old woman.


One of our players scored a goal just five minutes after the match started.

It's a good idea, to be sure, but it's hard to put it into practice.

We only have enough food to feed three people.


I wasn't born here, but I spent all of my early childhood here.


It can happen to anyone.


I don't want to talk to you, Thomas.

I don't need to convince him.

We live in the country during the summer.


Charley was visibly upset.

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My mom was very worried.


Emma lent me the money I needed.


The rat made a hole in the wall.

Robert wants to know if you're taking anyone to the dance on Friday.

He demands that they all turn in their papers on time.

Sundaresan certainly isn't as smart as Cindie thinks he is.

He used to love that.

Is there a bank near here?

I meant to call, but I forgot.

Patricio will have to handle that.

Quarantine in progress.


She suggested a solution.

The money disappeared.

When Alexander the Great addressed him with greetings, and asked if he wanted anything, Diogenes replied "Yes, stand a little out of my sunshine."

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He is not at home.


What's happening here?