I hope he will get better.

This was a tough decision.

The magician made the young lady float into the air.

Ozan didn't get into details.


The car is exceeding the speed limit.


I want to make my parents proud.

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We are going to have to reserve them.

Wendi can't give up now.

It hasn't rained now for several hours.

Does she want to look at it?

The patient's condition changes every day.

Marika is Finnish, but she looks like an Asian girl.

Call me if you find something.


Jack and Naren laughed at me.

I'll make a note of that.

I'm having dinner with some friends this evening.

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Eddie is even crazier than I thought.

We were all laughing about that.

I'm sick of this place.

I doubt anyone said that.

He had bruises all over his body after the fight.


You'll be able to see the difference very easily.

The news of her sudden death came like a bolt from the blue.

He hasn't changed his mind.

I slowly got down the Uyghur language.

My ex-boyfriend is obsessed with me.

Try playing this scale.

Leads knew this.

As for me, I am satisfied.

I said such horrible things to you.


From the airport, the Keisei Line Sky-Liner will take you to Ueno Station in 75 minutes.

I want to talk in Lojban.

Sehyo called Jin up from the airport.

A scientist had to know how to ask the correct question and to state it so clearly that the answer would be, in effect, a definite yes or no, not "maybe".

It is a step in the right direction.

They eagerly supported his new policy.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

We had a picnic in a green field on a small hill.

The club is composed of ten women.

He nods and shakes the spheres.

Boyd won't approve.

The inquiry did not conclude.

Mongo was convicted of kidnapping in 2013.

Romain is madly in love with Anton.

The idea occurred to me that he was lying.


We plan to go hiking tomorrow.


We went to Barcelona.


It's a tremendous deal.

It seems I was wrong about you.

The earth is not a star, but a planet.

I don't know whether you can help, but I had to at least ask.

We were looking for her.

Kyle won't talk to Bobbie and she won't talk to him.

He's a musicologist.


One withstands the invasion of armies; one does not withstand the invasion of ideas.

Would you like to meet her?

Japanese companies have set up factories on every continent, and Japanese banks help finance many of the world's major economic programs.

How was last night's party?

The world is worried about the nuclear capabilities of the USA and Israel.

I think Helen might be mad at me.

It looks like he's winning.

My son tried to become a teller of funny stories.

You didn't tell me there was a meeting this morning.

Larry showed Ning the world from the past.

She complained that the picture was too revealing.

That is undoubtedly a success.

My mother made me take some medicine.

I'd like to borrow about three hundred thousand dollars.

I think I know who stole your watch.


He shot seven gophers today with his new BB gun.

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She committed a crime.

Vivek saw me.

We are truly pleased.

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The door closes automatically.


I cannot revise with this noise.

Did you take Dennis's advice?

He's drop-dead gorgeous.

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Are you happy right now?

We'll have to wait a few minutes.

That man is just a bigot.

Pantelis bought Gigi a ticket.

I want to see exactly what's happening.

How did your date with him go?

The boy has been sleeping for ten hours.

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Terry sees Kirk three times a week.

She wears a girdle.

Skip the boring chapters.

I'd like to put some things in the hotel safe.

I miss the high school days we spent together.

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Did you do your homework by yourself?

Natraj got out his pen.

Brooke comes to Boston once a year.

Mayo is the only one who ever really understood me.

I went to a Halloween party.


A good sense of humor will help you deal with hard times.

The man walked around the corner.

Johan was here first.


Colonists often take a shine to indigenous women.

The way the question is phrased can influence the answer.

Cristopher looks more friendly today than he usually does.

Would you please check this matter with your bank?

Mr. Ito teaches history.

I just talked to the person in charge.

The giraffe has a long neck.

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Francis couldn't hack it.


Jonathan would enjoy doing this.


Let's move the sofa.

She went to the United States with a view to study medicine.

We spent about three months in Boston.

Dwayne opened the box and looked inside.

She was stupid to make such a mistake.


What he ate was very simple and humble.

We're having company.

He is framed for hard work.

I could go with him.

He has an interesting job, where he has to work a lot.

Who's your favorite American actor?

That movie theater always shows good movies.


It's about time somebody needed my help.


The queen was wearing a magnificent silver dress.

From now on, we'll have to spend less money.

Justin Bieber is under investigation for throwing eggs at his neighbor's home.

Leith doesn't like working here.

I want to hear the rest of the story.

I shit on the Eucharist!

They sound better live.

The furrier gets the skins of more foxes than asses.

Have you ever touched a dolphin?


She can't explain what happened.

Why did you fail the entrance examination?

I bought lots of books.


I really need to see you. It's important.


I have no choice in this.

He was hit by a car.

Clarence has never seen the Atlantic Ocean.

There wasn't a single survivor.

Joe was lucky he didn't get seriously injured.

We have a party this evening.

Don't call me a moron.

Why don't we go together?

Teruyuki spent three days in jail.


You know that the only reason we stand here tonight is because men and women from both of our nations came together to work, and struggle, and sacrifice for that better life.


Do you know somebody who passed the last year's exam?


That is plastic.

I don't live in Finland.

My name is Hase.

What do you think I should do about this?

I know that things haven't been easy for you.

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I narrowly escaped being run over by a truck.

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Knute is Izchak's friend.

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We're not done yet!


This sort of thing happens.

The rash is, um, also incredibly contagious.

Speak to me, Lynnette.


I think you should meet them.

Kyung sat on a stool in the corner.

I told them they didn't have to do anything.


She ruined it.

I'd like to watch that movie again.

Josh came to my rescue, like a knight in shining armor.

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I left my purse behind.