Rusty scared us.

Yeah, I'm going to take tomorrow off.

Do you really think Siping would go out with me?

This is a picture.

It's a very nice gesture on his part.

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This criminal is morally depraved.

How does this sound?

Gilles has been acting kind of strange.

She's not a criminal.

Measure the length of the stick with a ruler.

Werner is still just as friendly as he used to be.

Dwight committed suicide by jumping in front of a train.

Half an hour passed.

Siping and I sat down to talk.

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Mr Tani and his wife were present at that party.

I followed him.

You'd better not have eaten the cake.


I paid about 50 dollars.

Bruce isn't so romantic, is he?

Is something wrong with her?

Each room is equipped with large desks.

Mr. Hoshino is hard to please.


Elliott is already a man.


This was all Real's idea.

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Are you sure you can get Deborah to help?

Have you said anything to them?

Uranus, meaning 'sky', is the king who first ruled the whole world.

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Nobody goes outside in this kind of weather.


Shadow made you laugh, didn't he?

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I have a delivery for her.

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Ragnar will be down in a minute.


In this high school, what person is the Spanish teacher?

She asked about the others.

Darin is a real fool.


We have finished the work in accordance with her instructions.

I know what love is.

You had better make a reservation in advance.

His prophecy was fulfilled.

The promise I made then still holds.

The soldier acted bravely.

Terri kept us waiting for a long time.

Which color do you think she prefers?

I persuaded him to give up the idea.

They will be very glad.

A horse passed my house.

Wilmer certainly drives a nice car.

What's the correct answer?

That was Roxana's idea, not mine. Don't blame me.

My father put a ladder against the tree.

He went on board the plane.

Vic told me to treat others with respect.

Tyson followed up the jab with a left hook.

Farouk didn't poison anybody.

She admonished the child to be more careful.

I'll get in touch with you again about this matter.

He is lacking in courage.

She is, if anything, a little better today than yesterday.

Tell us about her.

I've managed to finish the first three chapters so far.

Almost all of the dogs are alive.

There are many ways to look at the world.

I consider spaghetti to be one of the greatest foods in the world.

The Beatles set the world on fire with their incredible music.


Theodore needs to make a decision.

Len can't do this to us.

Wake me up at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

I haven't read today's newspaper yet.

We're all convinced of her guilt.

I cannot get across this river. It's too deep.

She is economically independent of her parents.

Right now, I have more urgent matters to take care of.

Let's drink to absent friends.

Does Sehyo want to see me now?

I'll have them help you.

Toby told No that he didn't have to do anything.

He has three daughters.


I return walking.

Ami told Annard a joke.

Dan decorated the walls of his room with racist symbols.

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How's your kid doing?

I think Warren broke the dish on purpose.

Both you and I are college graduates.

I feel so lost.

A dry spell accounts for the poor crop.

I need to follow up on that.

How is your summer going?

He was absent from school today, as is often the case with him.

Who told you all that?

He tried to talk her out it.

Did he ask you to spy on me?

Did you want to join us?

I heard about everything.

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Laurent used to hate Harv. Now he loves her.


Federer held to love at 2-2.

Did you clean your room like I asked you?

Try and hurry up.

Hey, there's somebody coming out of the cave.

I don't see a problem.


That'll be addressed.

I get the feeling I'm being lead round the houses.

Who should we talk to next?

You have to spend more time with your son.

Tell Hurf I said hi.

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I can't see the stage from this seat.

I was taken by surprise.

What if I say no?

You're not saying very much.

Mysore went back into his room.

How do you like this outfit?

Could it be love?


I like to brush my teeth with this toothpaste.

I have apologized.

When it comes to music I have no ear for it.

America, here I come!

Ernest couldn't remember all their names.

Was that all you said to them?

If you'd asked me, I'd have told you.

It's time-consuming.

What is that cat doing?

My gut tells me that Robin is lying.

We deplore your cruelty to animals.

Actually, I don't like the way your hair is done.

Angela's pulse is slow.


I'm looking for a warm, woolen skirt.


Thank you for coming.

Suzanne is the one who should be blamed for the failure.

Major has a wonderful voice.

It will change your life for the worst.

Alex doesn't take things seriously.

I neither expect nor require any special treatment.

Belief in God is not evil per se.

It's open to negotiation.

Your friends are downstairs.


We soon sold all merchandise.

The pan suddenly caught fire while I was frying some strips of bacon yesterday.

When we discussed where to go on a picnic, some wanted to go to the forest, others wanted to go to the sea.

Kate was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

They falsified the account balances to evade the tax.


Call an exterminator.

The criminal disclosed all the facts of the case eventually.

I'd like to give it to them.

Neville never could hide a secret from Herb.

I saw you staring at them.

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You lucky devil!

I can't believe I never knew that.

Do you think we should've gone to where Kimmo wanted us to go instead of coming here?


I need that tape.

Naren went off by himself.

I think you should go.

In such cases, adults should not scold them instantly, but be patient with them, considering their mental growth.

Quite a few students are absent today.

All you have to do is say the word, and I'll leave.

You'll get a kick out of it.

Adam was caught joyriding in a stolen vehicle.

If I'd only read the contract more carefully!


Thanks again for the opportunity.


You have to find Straka.


The frost had a bad effect on the crops.

He is mad about football.

Guido jumped back into the pool.

Did somebody hit her?

She darted across the house to her room and closed the door behind her.


That war ended in 1954.

Kerri can't swim as fast as Joel.

Do we have time to finish this before Shankar gets here?

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Nicolas should've done something.

I eat dinner after work.

I don't want to spoil everything.