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I felt the earth shake under my feet.

Jeffie helped Norman get into her wheelchair.

Press the Shift button.


In another twenty years, the United States will no longer be able to be the police for the world.

The refrigerator is open.

Do we know anyone down there who can help Sergeant?

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Are you scared of Ahmed?

Where others have opinions, Regina issues edicts.

Giovanni's eyes were glued to the screen.

I can't exactly tell him that.

Galen was in his junior year in college.


Why don't you call him up?


They prayed that their children would forgive them.

We went to big lake for picnic.

Propellers can have from 2 to 6 blades.

Their hats are hanging over there.

He dropped to one knee and lowered his head.

In an effort to declutter his apartment, Price is going to get rid of one or two unneeded items per day for the next twelve months.

Noam can play the piano.

I was raised in an orphanage in Boston.

I wish I had your strength.

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Gale picked up a rock and threw it.


I've got a wedding to plan.


I thought you asked me to come over today.

I need space.

Does anyone else have any advice?

Would you like my phone number?

I speak to Sugih every day.

I'll think of something.

He laid down his pen and looked at me.

I used to go fishing with my father when I was a child.

I was deeply discouraged.

He regrets what he did.

I hope to make it.

Long after you've become inactive, your mistakes, if not corrected, will live on to mislead future users.

The teacher looked over the papers.

Tomorrow's a holiday.

Pierette wants to speak to Cole alone.

He came in spite of the heavy snow.

After losing his job, he went through a very difficult time.

I think we need to postpone the meeting.

Saumya couldn't take it anymore so he quit his job.


Do you have any pictures of your great grandparents?

Victoria's got it all written down somewhere.

This is Adlai, my colleague.

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Vilhelm learned Mongolian solely for the "party effect", namely, in order to show off at gatherings.


He sank under the weight of age.


I've been very busy the last few days.

People from Santiago are not as pleasant as the rest of the Chileans.

Someone's in the next room.

Last summer was very hot.

This table is white.


I daresay your advice will have its effect on them.


If you've got something to say, say it.

Panos would've been thirty years old today if he hadn't passed away last year.

She accused me of hacking into her account.

I'm just looking, thank you.

It's a cliche, but it's true.


You don't have to work with Barbara.

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Do you often hear from him?


Why can't you get one?

The bitter wind made it seem a lot colder than the actual temperature.

Can I get a witness?

I'll be back before you know it.

Do you prefer the apple or the pear?

I don't see any significant difference.

I think Tomas was drunk.


I don't know where Syun was.


It's a lot of fun to play basketball.

The accident took her son away from her.

I have a better plan.

I want to eat breakfast outside.

I will do the shopping for her birthday.


This building has seven floors.

On Saturdays, we usually visit in this park.

I'll be disappointed.

You're reasonable.

He persevered with the hard lessons.


Now, why would that happen?


She kept an all-night vigil over her sick child.

Does that feel better?

He derived a lot of profit from the enterprise.

Thoughts and feelings are expressed by means of words.

No one took notice of him.


Donald told me to take good care of you.

This is a safe place.

She always studies listening to music.

I don't want her to see that.

I almost agree with Hienz.

He warned us not to enter the room.

He often reads far into the night.

Abrams chased Browne.

Do you know why Suzanne wouldn't go to Boston with me?

He looked very tired.

He can't discern fact from fiction.

I'd give it some time.

He begged her not to say anything to his parents.

Jacob wants to get out of town.

When was the last time you had lunch out?

He is raising tropical fishes.

The wall is two meters thick.

Gregor is a picky eater.

She looked at her flight of cranes hanging from the ceiling, which her brother Masahiro had hung there for her.

They just saw her.

He is carrying a parcel under his right arm.

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Do you want to go shopping?

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You can't hurt her.


It was so foggy I couldn't tell who it was.

Could you please take a seat?

She had jet black eyes.

Please fix it.

I want to stay with Lucifer.


Do not fear that which is the final end of life: he who fears death eschews the joys of life.

First, let us talk about the experiments conducted in laboratories.

After a while, the man came into the room.

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There's no shame in that.

If you can't keep your promise, what excuse will you make?

I love to play golf.

Dawson certainly seems to enjoy reading books by Mark Twain.

I like this blue dress.

Did you want to meet with them?

Anatoly bent down and picked something up.

Let's improvise.

I have to wake Neil up soon.

She attempted to persuade her father.

The leader of our party met with the other leaders and talked about the problem.

My wife is asleep on the couch, but her snoring is disturbing my sleep.

I was told not go out, which advice I followed.

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The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to procure the largest quantity of feathers with the least possible amount of hissing.


The students all laughed.

I don't die.

If you may come home for Christmas? I don't know, I'll mention it to my wife and I'll tell you.

I don't really like horses.

Gary knows where I hide my key.

Tricia ate the whole watermelon by himself.

Several children are playing on the beach.

He is always finding fault with others.

He made several corrections.


He endeavored to make his wife happy, but in vain.


He tried his best not to get wet.

It's a hassle to take the husks off of chestnuts.

Roger is angry at me, isn't he?

Saad threw Raul a rope.

Would it be worth it?

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The girl had a big red hat.


Jinny was at a loss to explain where the money had gone.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I wanted you the moment I saw you.

It is clear that there is no classification of the Universe that is not arbitrary and full of conjectures.

Bring them back!

Isn't this nice?

I am Chinese.


Dennis doesn't have rough manners.

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You don't need language to understand the beggar.


I am against using death as a punishment. I am also against using it as a reward.

Sorrel has probably forgotten what Vinod looks like.

Why don't you ask your boyfriend?


The lake is deepest at this spot.


I still have a lot of things to take care of.

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Does Tatoeba really help translators?