I'll never set foot in this house again.

I had a really great time.

I eat sauerkraut every morning.

Jinchao doesn't know whether it's new or not.

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The throng protested against abortion.


Mahesh is dressed a bit more conservative today than he usually is.

There is a vase on the table.

I think Nanda looks better without makeup.

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The police balked the criminal's escape.

What is one and one?


Troy is the only one who seems to be enjoying himself.

Vernon remains confident.


I assure you Mara is quite well.


Helge laughed and Andrea smiled.

I'm busy today.

Those cats are liked by her.


The English lesson started at 8:30.


I want Jock to see this.

Is there something in particular that you want to drink?

Thomas is Rajesh's wife.

Draw your sword.

Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

I thought I told you to get out of my way.

Are you interested in him?

He cannot be young.

I could hear Sandy playing the piano.

I was the first to begin speaking.

What do you know about Israel?

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Let's take a look.

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Joon stole some alcohol from his parents and thought that they wouldn't notice.

I just want to find him.

We will make the difference.


I have some questions I'd like to ask The.

Why should we care?

They put a price on his head.

He has been barred from the club.

Vishal knew better than to ask such a stupid question.

I received an email from Raanan this morning.

I'm not going to do anything about that, at least not tonight.

I know you didn't hurt Christophe.

Konrad doesn't mind getting up at dawn.

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Recently, Arnold hasn't been translating my sentences. Does he hate me?

The baby was sleeping all day long.

Sergei tried to prise open the box.

The slope of the ground made it difficult to construct the road.

We're doing everything possible to find Nigel.

Christian was more than disappointed.

The doctor receives his patients between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Sherri enjoyed working on the farm.

The killer remained at large for weeks.

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Arne has to do it even though he doesn't want to.

I don't want Mara to be a soldier.

It's hard to keep up with them.

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What's your favorite talk show?


Don't forget to turn off the gas before you leave the house.

I'll be a bit late. Keep dinner warm for me.

Julian never drinks coffee in the afternoon.


You were in prison, so I had to raise our children by myself.

Jose is a voyeur.

That was inappropriate.


I can't get used to my new apartment.


The TV's on.

I only wear glasses for reading.

She knows English, Chinese, Esperanto and Morse Code.


Emet doesn't like that woman.

Vickie doesn't have to worry about things like that.

If I had bought the painting then, I would be rich now.

I've been trying to speak with you, what happened?

Why have you parked here?

He felt it was his duty to go.

Would you just try to relax?

I found out how to solve the problem.

I don't remember how tall she is.

They seem surprised.

Have you dug up potatoes?

Do you have an airplane ticket back home?

I'll send you some medicine to give to her so she can sleep. She needs the rest.

Let's settle down, people.

I tried to give her some money, but she wouldn't take any.

Is the university library open now?

Nobody knows it but me.


She nodded in response to my question.

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That type of temple influenced all of the Middle East, mainly Egypt.

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I'm gonna have to call you back.


I want to go over a few things with you.


Did you call your friend in Canada?

I thought you might be interested in this.

The reward is dependent on your success.

It's obvious that he's right.

I was called upon to make a speech in English.

Where shall we eat tonight?

He confessed his sins to the pastor.


You're really out of line, you know that.

We should tell Kristian we're too busy.

She's Caucasian.

I don't think, therefore I do not follow.

We'll reach Boston before dark.


Who is the man standing in front of the building?

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Ira has a couple of friends in Boston.

Miriamne can't have done it by himself.

Publishers often reject very good manuscripts from expert authors.

I should've been more precise.

It's very cold this winter!

I'll pay for myself.

Daniel didn't want to move to Boston.


I go to the movies once in a while.

We are going to the cinema.

That's asking too much.

I never for a moment imagined that you would show my letter to Micky.

Arsenic is odorless and tasteless.

He has a big heart.

Dr. Makino is looked up to by many people.

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He was a stone-cold killer.

The soldiers were equipped with weapons.

I wouldn't make any sudden moves.

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"She doesn't like music." "Nor do I."

I've been helping him out.

I'd like to book a bedroom.

Let's call the police.

Illness prevented me from going out.

Many students took part in the contest.

All Sadako could do now was to make paper cranes and hope for a miracle.

When it was winter, and the snow lay all around, white and sparkling, a hare would often come jumping along, and spring right over the little Fir Tree. Oh! this made him so angry.

Let's settle accounts.


You could see the oblong shape of the rat as it passed down the snake's gullet.

I saw a shape in the dark.

Anton gathered his things and headed toward the door.

Lori was ready for anything.

He has spent most of his time as a career diplomat.

I kept riding my bicycle even though my legs were hurting.

I have yet to hear that story.

Once you start, you will never stop.

I have connections in the government.

He looks pale. He must have drunk too much last night.

He did not know what to say.

I will read your book with great care.

He met his end in a rusty bear trap.

Johnnie crashed into a tree.

I had a talk with her.

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We elected Jane chairperson.


Granville vacuumed his car.

I've been lopping trees all afternoon and shredding them into mulch for the garden.

She needs someone who is able to understand her.


The characters created by Walt Disney are known by kids from all the world.

The event will take place on November fifteenth.

Don't try to blame this on me.

It is now necessary to add another rule.

He isn't able to do it.

Helen can operate a crane.

The math professor wrote the proof on the chalkboard.

This can't be!

I like to eat Korean food.


Distant things look blurred.

Who tastes everything becomes disgusted with everything.

Then he told Jackson to get started.

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Roger is still staying with us.


I'll do that first thing in the morning.

Is that scientifically proven?

I ate at three restaurants last week. I liked all three of them.

We cannot afford it.

That's a frightening possibility.

He did so of his own accord.

They blamed Manny for the failure.