I didn't mean to make her cry.

I've waited a long time.

This is your chance.

Shove over.

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Can you stay for dinner?

You shouldn't tell Lynnette everything.

If you don't work, you can't eat.

The fact is that I've spent all the money.

I don't smoke.

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That's not a valid comparison.

Are you suggesting I was lying?

I want to find out what's really going on.


Who ate the bread?

We held a meeting with a view to discussing the problem.

Sanjeev didn't come on time.


Bruce gazed at Richard.

Jackye is only pretending he's asleep.

The equator is an imaginary line which divides the globe into two equal parts.

I'm anxious to see what happens.

Omar received a certificate confirming his documents had been destroyed.

The doctor will be back before long.

A man can receive only what is given to him from heaven.

I fixed the car yesterday.

Seeing as the curvature is smaller than unity, once the curve leaves the unit circle it will not come back.

He is the greatest man who has ever lived.

Why did you buy that expensive dictionary?

I heard a thump.

Such men count for much in the society.

They canned the fruits to preserve them.

She screamed that I was to blame.

How do we upload photos to this area?

They are wanting in industry.


Shirley is pretty conservative, isn't he?

Monica sat watching TV.

The summit nations put free trade at the top of the agenda.

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I caught sight of him escaping from that shop.


Kathy wanted to help Julianto rake the leaves, but she was using the only rake.

His family moved around quite a lot.

Although there was no wind blowing, the door opened of itself.

Dimitry has a strong sense of duty.

You should eat this while it's still warm.

Don't make this personal.

My name is not "you"; it's Ricardo.


Vicky went in my house.

Someone is playing a banjo over there.

He is a man of wisdom.

Crowd sourcing varies from person to person.

He got upset and left.


Let's leave the room.

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Mr Tanaka is our teacher of English.


One becomes a good writer just as one becomes a good carpenter: by planing down one's sentences.

Mosur was branded a thief.

Cecilia is quite cute, isn't she?

It doesn't ease my mind.

Where are you going exactly?

Would one of you please tell me why I can't join your club?

You worked hard.

They moved here recently.

My parents are going to love you.

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Hey you, shut up!

We must pay the tax.

Is there gas in the tank?

It rained heavily all day, during which time I stayed indoors.

Well, aren't you glad to see me?

I hardly ever speak French with anybody.

She was painfully thin.

She advised him to walk instead of taking a bus.

They're just using you.

It's wrong to deceive people, but worse to deceive yourself.

Do you have any idea who did this?


She doesn't like coffee.

This is the house where my father was born and brought up.

The robber was nabbed this morning.

A variety of books are displayed there.

Choose any one from among these.

Where is the Hungarian embassy?

I'm at home almost every night.


John is having a good time.

Jun told us to stay where we were.

Novorolsky seems to be waiting for something to happen.

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We all want to be desired.


I missed him.

Don't sell the bear's fur before hunting it.

In a desperate attempt to escape, Dwayne hijacked a school bus but was quickly captured by the police.


Our magazine's readership numbers in the thousands.

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I just wanted your advice.

Did you actually see Case?

I asked Nancy to stay at home.

Your composition leaves nothing to be desired.

Jimmy could barely hide his reaction.

Miho was in the living room when I visited her.

This makes me smile to death!

I don't want to be married to you anymore.

I am visiting my friends.

I just couldn't take it anymore.

No one can get in or out.

Can't you see we're talking?

I'll bring it to you.

The colors shade from yellow into green.

The Prime Minister is to make a statement tomorrow.

I only read part of the report.

Just name your price.


Your birthday is drawing near.


That's what they pay me for.

I am trying to sell my farm, but I haven't had any offers so far.

Russ needs to be more specific.

I don't even know why I'm here.

Can you play the violin?

Things happened.

Excuse me, could you repeat that?

I will help you buy one concert ticket.

That should be clear.

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I assumed Anne was still at home.

Open the door a bit!

Someday your dream will come true.

I thought you might be interested in trying a Japanese meal.

Jamie isn't dependent on his parents.

Social networks enable men to revive their instinct of pack hunters, like hyena.

The man has more bread than his wife.

Would you like me to tell the truth?

The children made a giant snowman.

Matthieu said he wouldn't be gone long.

The police detective said that all of the doors and windows were locked from the inside.

If you see Liyuan, don't forget to ask him how his wife's doing.

I think this is horrible.


My gerbil has gone missing.

Who is responsible for high unemployment?

If something goes wrong, call me.

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Ring the bell in an emergency.


Geoff kicked the ball to Panzer.

It was not very well hidden.

Lee no longer had a way to supply his troops in Petersburg.

Jem's boss's behaviour smacked of crass arrogance.

Mechael was barely able to keep the canoe from tipping over.

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My eyes are dazzled by the sun.

Better leave it!

Merril is eating lunch.


I think I might be able to do that.

You want to see Harmon again, don't you?

Say the word any time.

Tell me the precise time for their arrival.

What a beautiful flower!


These things just happen.

If you don't mind, may we inspect your suitcase?

Douglas stopped dead in his tracks.

Don't cry. It's going to be okay.

The international conference was to be held in February this year.

Piotr heard someone calling him.

Don't fail to call me as soon as you arrive there.

Alright, Gretchen, I get it!

We've got to try it.

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What do you have to say?

Let's be safe.

I know him like a book.

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I've actually never played golf.

He couldn't have put it more plainly.

Are you still up?


I didn't want to insult her.

We need to stop doing this.

I'm afraid it will rain tonight.

He undertook a great deal of work.

This was all free.

Ning could tell that Sherri was really upset.

I like your hat.

Your own decision is important before everything.

It looks like you could use a new suit.


He's a bread connoisseur.

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Regarding my salary, have you thought about the increase I asked for?