I was in the middle of my dinner when the phone rang.

Monty left work early, complaining of a headache.

The company has decided to expand its business to Germany.

Helen is as strong as an ox.

Don't take any chances.

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She doesn't admit that she is in the wrong.


Your son is almost the copy of your father.

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Tickets are $30 per person and may be purchased in advance or at the door.

Why have you turned it off?

I'm so glad you decided to come.

Jamie was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Please step aside.

I just want some souvenirs to remember this place by.

Gypsy unlocked the cage.


Can it be repaired?

Do you really think Cindie will want to go with us?

Wendy has already set off.

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I can't tell you any more about it.

I'm studying English.

You're to have no further contact with Amy.

This is where the accident happened.

How long have you been away?

They're hiding in the closet.

It's probably just a coincidence.

Who wrote these letters?

I hid my worries from my wife.

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Natraj led the way, followed by Woody, and then John.

I'd like to make an overseas call.

He's a samurai.


Some people think the president spends too much time traveling.


You knelt down, begging God for forgiveness.


It wasn't just Werner who saw Lois do what she said she didn't do.

She's nice to me.

Nguyen threw a rotten egg at Dana.


In Japan, attendance at elementary and junior high school is compulsory.


I really like this story.

We know how to swim.

Sundaresan is very outspoken, isn't he?

Apparently, it was his jealous mistress who prepared that nasty chemical concoction. I hear the wife took one sip of her morning coffee and collapsed without so much as a word.

He did not live up to expectations.

Nguyen took a sealed envelope out of his pocket and gave it to Lenora.

After that, I left, but then I realized that I forgot my backpack at their house.

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I'll pick you up at 8am for the gym.

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Take this table away.

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As for the Emperor, he is the ruler of the world. As for the barbarians, they are the servants of the world.

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Nuclear power is used to generate electricity.

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Many of them carried guns.

Chances are the bill will be rejected.

He was the first person to arrive.

This is the first time I've looked Marika in the eye.

Let's see how many people are left.


Can you tell the twins apart?


Kemal can do a handstand.


What if they're wrong?

I think I have a decayed tooth.

You are very cute boys.


I'm sorry, but you're wrong.

What were you and Bert doing yesterday?

Your arm's broken.


He listened to music in his own room.

The expensive machine turned out to be of no use.

Beth got shampoo in his eyes.

She was green with jealousy.

How long does Annard have?

How exactly do you know him?

Has anyone seen my glasses?


I'm the patrol leader.

Juha is used to sitting all day at his desk.

His talent for dancing impressed everyone.

Herbert is a chiropractor, isn't he?

You gave me your word but you broke your promise, right?

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The train hasn't come yet.

That chapel was built by the Spaniards some centuries ago.

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I've got something better.

This blog post gives us ample information on just how delusional the recording industry really is, and shows why they must be stopped.

Jazz is not my speciality.


Is there much snow here in the winter?

Every right comes in hand with a duty.

Yvonne ordered a new sofa from the catalogue.

Go to those who you are sure will help you.

This house was built in 1870.


Could you show me another one, please?

Let us remember that, if this financial crisis taught us anything, it's that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers.

That'll be difficult.

I think you ought to give Brooke a call.

Dean doesn't want Debi to do what he did.

Did anyone ask for me?

It's already ten o'clock at night.


His car was stuck in knee-deep snow.


All the boys went away.

I'll help you to the best of my ability.

I'd be happy to give you a ride.

That woman must be his wife.

I came down with measles.

Meeks and I ate lunch together.

I want to share it with you.

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Personally, I like peace.

Bruce totaled his car.

Here is your menu.


Yes. We'll visit a factory which produces television sets.

I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse.

Did anyone see you come in here?


In my opinion, you're beautiful.

The weather has a great deal to do with our health.

Tell him I need some money.

Men don't read instructions.

Toft unwrapped his sandwich.

So from then on, manufacturers had to pay real cash.

I think Slartibartfast likes you.

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Murray came along at just the right time.

It wouldn't kill you to be nice to me.

I walk to work every day.

You're going to get much publicity with this book.

You sure are quiet tonight.

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Frank cries easily.

He went off without saying good-bye.

I'm telling the truth.

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Everyone should always attach oneself to one's trade.


Let's talk here.


Jagath looks fine to me.

The keys of the piano are yellow due to age.

I'd like to see more of you.

I didn't really know William that well.

Sharada eats out almost every night.

Donnie got in the car and drove away.

Rainer is one of my best friends.

We should take matters into our own hands.

Yumi is one of my friends.

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He shook my hand.

Drink some water.

She did it in front of the staff.

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Parrots imitate the words of humans.

His biggest dream is being able to speak like a native speaker.

Put the money in the bank.

I want to speak to her alone.

It happens all the time.

The ship rode over the waves.

It isn't really helpful to translate word by word.


I've always dated older women.


A vector quantity has two characteristics, a magnitude and a direction.


You can't count on him for financial help.


You can head on home.

You can see the stars using a telescope.

He's not sure he wants to do this.

There were many things that we needed to do to prepare for our trip.

I need you to keep your voice down.

Anthony loved Sharada.

I have a bad pain in my lower back.

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Did you buy anything for her?

United States shale gas production is one of the worst ongoing ecological disasters.

I think it will be sunny tomorrow.


I'm right in the middle of doing something.


Next time, ask me before you use my car.