Where are my gloves?

Gale just doesn't like me.

I have other things to worry about, like work.


Irvin was admitted into the hospital.

It's a question of who's in charge.

That's the main gate.

Marika is Finnish, but she looks like an Asian girl.

Everybody says that, but I don't believe one of them.


How well did you know her?


Tony started dating Angela five months ago.

I don't want to try anything else.

There are plenty of guests in the room.

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I don't know her at all.

What do you want to know about my job?

I don't understand any French.


I'm three years younger than he is.

Keep track of your finances.

Dan wanted to see Linda's room.

I saw him a minute ago.

Are you uncomfortable?

The question is simple.

I'm warm.


He is unable to manage his words.

She was ashamed of herself for her carelessness.

I hope Ralf loses.


She is a whore.

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He wasn't happy in spite of all his wealth.

Great pains but all in vain.

Beth brought that.

For the first time in his life, Yuka finished reading an entire book in English.

Are you saying that because you're afraid?

I have only a few minutes.

Why did he dare sabotage the experiment?

Keiko is at the head of her class.

He cut a twig from the tree with his knife.

What you need is a man in your life.

Please tell me it's not true.

By the time you realize I'm gone, I'll be miles away. Don't try to find me.

How many times has Tim called?

You're the one who bought it.

He doesn't watch television at all.

You've put on weight.

Brender doesn't know what to do first.

I might need some persuading.

You really are quite a skillful investigator.


Kelly disagrees with Les.

There's no reason to panic. Just handle it quickly.

They're doctors.


I was just about to go out shopping when you telephoned.

I don't want to talk to him.

It looks like Hubert can't solve that problem.


There is a high chance of precipitation.

I have something I want to tell you.

When he was young, he was a hard worker.

I want to go for a frolic in the rain.

I wished him a good night.


To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness.

He has many friends in the parliament.

Do you have a driver's license?

What is correct in one society may be wrong in another society.

I'd like to confirm our reservations.

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I think you're really amazing.

Parking prohibited!

These are serious issues.

You don't have to talk.

Are you shy?

The moon circles the earth.

I'll be free tonight.

The construction work is steadily nearing completion.

Can you tell one of the twins from the other?


That's the opinion of a dilettante.

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I need Julius's signature.

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John studied hard at school, while at home he helped his mother with her work.

Maybe that's what I need.

I'll be at home tonight.

I spent the whole afternoon trying to avoid Catherine.

I want to learn standard English.

Do you mind if I leave?

March comes between February and April.

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She baked bread.

Who's going to pay for all of this?

Thank you for the draft of the Agreement.


Last night was very hot and muggy and it was difficult to sleep.


It is stupid of him to behave like that.

Sharon is dying.

Let's just sit here a while and listen.


What's your favorite soft drink?


I hope Sarah follows your instructions.

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What is an egg for a poor man, is a bull for a rich man.

The horse snorts.

Aimee killed the cockroach with a shoe.

If it's okay for him to buy a knife, then why on earth can't I?

Neville was John's girlfriend all through high school.

I don't deserve to be in college.

Only 16 percent of the teachers of this school are female.

I want to work in a hospital.

I was a fool to trust him.

Where did you try them?

Brad looks a little miserable.


I need to make another call.

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Ti is a star performer.

Terrance is acting weirder than usual.

Please take these dishes away.

The fog began to lift.

A lot of people are lazy.

Bobby and Herbert had a couple of beers.

Even if you do not like it, you must take charge of it.


He doesn't even have a penny in his pocket.


Let me show you where the guest room is.

He has little money, but he gets by.

Takayuki is pretty obnoxious.


Casper is staying.

A friend to all is a friend to none.

I swear what I told you is true.


When you have a question, ask the teacher.

After a little while you'll know Esperanto.

I want to help you.

He died at a very old age.

I cannot dye my hair. My mother would kill me!

Sekar bought a newspaper and read it on the train on the way to work.

Kim was too surprised to react.

All you should do is follow his advice.

It's three years since we moved here.


We're looking for them.


She comes from the north.

She cares a lot about clothes.

I can't draw a bird.

Let's talk about your job.

She came around to my house.


Konstantinos couldn't remember his password.

I am already late.

Randal and Bertrand have a house in the Hamptons.


You'll be busy.

Benson could do that for you, I'm pretty sure.

We'll catch Brandi.


This animal is the size of a beaver.

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"Who is this Bobbie?" "He's a charming young man I met a few days ago."

Please excuse my bad French. I'm just beginning to learn the language.

I met some hikers on the mountain.

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Andi writes a letter to her mother every week.

He read the letter she mailed to him over and over again, but still did not understand it.

Albert found a good teaching job.

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I'm going to do everything I can to help.

That's my favorite shirt.

Some people like danger.

I was wondering where you went.

Randall lives a secluded life.


We need to colonize other planets.

What do we do with it?

Ravindranath died before the ambulance arrived.

I plan to come back tomorrow.

Jeffrey called Damon and asked her what year it was.

Kim is living with Ken.

You don't need to get excited about it.

Sharada is a goon.

I think I can get Cathryn to listen to me.

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I thought you would be here.

We are all naked underneath our clothes.

Nate didn't fool me.


Pace down.