I'm sorry. I forgot.

Richard taught me most of the French I know.

This river is deep enough to swim in.

Stewart handed Ninja the document.

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Around the corner, was a field full of golden stalks of wheat.

Kristi began to really enjoy jogging after a few days.

Who came here?


I want a roll of color film for prints.

I don't need no fucking help.

I went to the swimming pool the other day and then I got ill.

Hope is not lost.

We should be with you.

Stan called me from Boston.

Jun is going to the concert.

Is he going to help us?

No one saw him when he left.

I'm not sure I want to do this now.

Our house was broken into by burglars last night.

Can you spare some change?

Get down on the ground.

I would like to hear your opinion.

I voted for him.

You've made remarkable progress in English in the past year.

She had hardly opened the door when a white dog rushed out of the house.


I'm starting to feel tired.


I think being poor is nothing to be ashamed of.

I've had enough of this place.

Ken spends an increasing amount of time at work.

Have your ever come across an animal like this?

Do you know where in Spain Toledo is?


They're too dangerous.

Hotta fell asleep.

Never think you know it all.


This is dangerous stuff.

Please prepare a CD player so that you can quickly playback the sound you want to record.

He told me that he needs space.

Throw it to me.

Come and stay with us in Boston.

The police persuaded the criminal to surrender his weapon.

It's probably better not to eat after 7:00pm.

The room's nicely fixed up for the party.

I'm sure Pradeep will be here any second.

I'm talking to you, my peers.

Kobe is the city I like most.

The President has fled the capital.

What would happen if the earth stopped spinning?

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Novorolsky didn't want to stop doing what he was doing.

This is delicious. What is it?

Already three years since I became an office lady. It's not as if I'm dissatisfied with my present lifestyle but, well ...

If you were to be given a million yen, what would you do with it?

Enjoy your summer.

Kate checked the tasks off of her to-do list.

You've got another big day tomorrow.

Harold was very friendly.

Wilson does nothing but complain.

I don't tremble with cold, rather with anger, that it hasn't got any colder.

Maybe I can reason with him.

It is often said that the world loses a language every week.

Nobody will help you.

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You'll have to wear warm clothes, otherwise you'll catch a cold.

I'm trying to be reasonable.

I missed the meeting.

I would never do it again.

Were you invited to Jacobson's party?

How's your dad?

It's somehow so quiet here without Nhan. I miss him.

Just hang on.

"When should we tell Amy this?" "Now is the best time."


This morning he said that he would be leaving for Nara tomorrow.

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They said that I am an old lady.

Perhaps I should talk to him.

The sun is shining in the sky.


Children like fruit juice.


Suyog apparently doesn't eat meat.

Nils wanted Leila to meet his parents.

He's a prude.


"Where does Marian get his ability in French? He's never set foot in a French-speaking country, and he has no French-speaking friends, either." "I believe he watches a lot of French movies on the Internet."

Sergei rinsed the dishes.

Did you give him my message?


The sea is calm.

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Who else knows about this place?

This was the most interesting book that she had ever read.

It hardly ever rains here.

Micah didn't want to participate.

He's so cute and funny.

He has something to do with the robbery.

I didn't know it was a big secret.

Where is everyone else?

It's not possible to do two things at once.


We should do away with these old rules.


Tell us why you can't go.


You are the one that I was looking for.


I've been worried sick.

Her dress was a cheap affair.

I wouldn't have let anything happen to Marla.


You are drinking fresh water.

I knew I should've stayed in Boston.

Traveling is easy these days.


No one can find fault with our new plan.

Lievaart and Jinny seem to be so happy together.

I've lost my crown.

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He returned to his land a different man.

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I feel like going to the movies, but I still have to do my homework.


He has a huge ego.

We did everything for the welfare of our children.

My sister is the tallest person in our family.


I forgot to pay the rent.

I need to speak to Ritalynne immediately.

He has a master's degree in mathematics.

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Yesterday morning, I wrote her a letter.

Of course it isn't true.

Kamiya begged Nelken to give him another chance.

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I found that fascinating.

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Can I have a second helping?


This cooktop is 44 inches wide.

The city is two miles away.

How many hours do you take a nap every day?

When was the last time you laughed?

She is very bitter toward me.

How are things with you and Jagath?

I really couldn't have done this without you.


She went crazy with fear.

If the machine is damaged, you are responsible.

The two states should reach an agreement.

Almost all approve of his actions.

We have a real problem here.


We say that we judge people based on their contents, but in the ends, don't we just judge them based on their exterior?

Kyung jumped up from his chair.

Life is weird.

Let's not discourage him.

Handfuls of dust slowly drain away from top to bottom as time falls away.

It looks like everything's back to normal.

We shouldn't have complained.

I honor that.

You were supposed to be watching the baby.

Who's that cute boy?

You are the stupidest fellow I've ever met.

I suggest that you should write him a thank-you letter.

How would they know what to do?

It seems that the addition of cream and milk is not necessarily needed.

To film the soccer game, we need to find a place with an unobstructed view.

A thought occurred to me.

No one knows yet.

I'm not a specialist.

Is there anyone who can pronounce this word?


Tell me what you thought I said.

Do you know his name?

I hope you get well soon.

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Mikael didn't want to park his new car on the road.


Your friend Myron told me to give this to you.

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It'll cost about 10,000 yen.

Olof also smiled.

Good night.


Norma and Pia walked from early morning until it started to get dark.

The boy was crying in the room.

The problem is Shari's.

In swimming pools, water is continuously pumped through a filter.

What are you planning on cooking for dinner tomorrow?

She saw him too.

He definitely believes in you if he still gives you an opportunity.

I'd like to ask for something to drink.

That last sentence doesn't read well, maybe because of the juxtaposition of a negative and a positive.

I did not watch TV but studied English last night.

You already have one of those.