We couldn't do anything for them.

That better be good enough.

Ninja walked through the park.

I think we're neighbors.

He doesn't have any proof.

I did not miss my purse until I returned home.

I defy you to tell the genuine article from the fake.

Do not step on a dog's tail.

It's simple as cake.

The women are my aunts.


In the U.S., most people can vote when they reach eighteen years of age.

It's as though the incident never happened.

The next morning found him on a spaceship.

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I need to speak to her.


Finding Clifford isn't going to be easy.

Why are you so sure Eddie is wrong?

If you tell me your name, I can tell you mine.

I met a friend while I was waiting for a bus.

Gail and Sumitro live in separate states.


She gave me a sealed envelope.

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Having been brought up in America, my father speaks English fluently.

That sandwich really does smell good.

You should be careful.

I'd really rather not eat that.

My father told me not to read books in bed.

I just need a few hours to finish this report.

We're not doing it.

How did you and Jackye meet?

There are way too many people on this island.


There's a red candle on top of the bathroom sink.

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We have to leave immediately.

How long does it take to get to Vienna on foot?

Stereotypes and TV are intimately related.


One of those people may be her.


One of the events was the Battle of New Orleans.

Purple sharks are dangerous animals.

I'm taking you home.


Where will I live?

As she sang with all her heart, the audience was deeply moved.

We've been spinning our wheels for hours.

I haven't talked about this in a long time.

We're awake.

He had his brother help him with the gardening.

You were there, weren't you?

Annard started crying again.

You're good with women.

Work isn't shameful.

Nature is cruel.

What's your favorite slogan?

I think it's time for me to discuss the matter with him.


And now, what am I going to do?

I don't want to go to the bank.

Harris kept fighting.

Do you want tea or coffee?

I would like to speak to Ramanan.

Wolves travel in packs, but eagles fly alone.

Do you know what's wrong with Rudy?


The teacher wrote English sentences on the blackboard.


I'm glad you could make it.

I have never seen anyone like him.

I thought Miki had changed.


You're so shallow.

It's just not right, what you are saying!

I'm glad to see you're safe.

You live in your left brain too much. Try to use your right brain to be more artistic.

It is useless to discuss the matter any further.

I'm getting a cat.

You deserve a vacation.

It was fun playing in the park.

You don't have proper dignity as chief of the section.

She came up with a good solution.

Emily got out of the bathtub.

I looked in Audrey's eyes.

After kissing Sofoklis, Vince left for work.

A string quartet is rehearsing in the next room.

Tareq doesn't keep his room very clean.

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I don't know why I agreed to go in the first place.

If anyone can do it, you can.

I'm not afraid of anyone.

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So, what'll you give me?


I am not concerned with it.

Do you really want to go to the pep rally?

They are a perfect match for each other.


Dan started dating a girl named Linda.

I really loved working here.

Where are my sunglasses?

Perhaps you have misunderstood the aim of our project.

He went round the corner at top speed.

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Have you told Raja why you don't like it here?

There were more people present at the birthday party than was expected.

I thought I had it all figured out.

When did they go home?

Could you tell me the way to Madame Tussaud's?

I have to skedaddle.

He was walking up the hill at a steady pace.

Believe it or not, I went skydiving.

Niels was unable to hide his reaction.

Have you ever pirated something?

I like watching movies in French.

Marika helps me in English.

Susan is older than you.

This maneuver was improvised.

She wore a yellow ribbon.

Better dead than red.

Good artists copy, great artists steal.


He walked at a quick pace.

The government hopes that lowering its carbon emissions will set an example and that other countries will follow suit.

The newspaper reflects public opinion.

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Alex will answer, "Color!"


His logic cannot be defended in any way.


I'm not interested in having a boyfriend at this point.

Will you please lend me a stapler?

I think we should go with you.

There are many people who can do the same as you.

I have to go to the butcher shop to buy some meat.

I think you deserve some credit.

Kazuhiro is one of Louie's brothers.


Do you have any bait?

The president proposed a new plan.

I'll never listen to you again.

How do you make the ball curve like that?

Jayant has had this problem before.

Hirotoshi doesn't like working here.

I believe, indeed, that overemphasis on the purely intellectual attitude, often directed solely to the practical and factual, in our education, has led directly to the impairment of ethical values.

Izumi is a great man.

I knew he was different.

I don't see how Lievaart could possibly do this.

The garden in which stands my humble abode is separated only by a lane from Rosings Park, her ladyship's residence.

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I remember the first time I ever saw Tandy.


She's been feeling a little on edge recently.

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Lisa cannot have done such a thing.

My book is floating about here somewhere but I just can't find it.

I don't think I need to do anything today.

Metal contracts when cooled.

A soldier often has to confront danger.

The other day, a water quality inspection was carried out at our house. We had it done by a certain famous company's Environment Analysis Center or some such name.

Hsi can't speak French and neither can I.


There is another way.

We wouldn't want to risk that.

I told you he was a coward.

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Due to his skill in cutting corners, he managed to dominate the senior staff.

After the holidays, I'll probably need to go on a diet again.

Sysko hangs around in secret pubs at night.

I'm sure we'll find a solution.

The wind blew against the sail.

I will come.

That has nothing to do with the question.

Martha is not a very friendly guy.

Take another look.

Just to be on the safe side, why don't you take an umbrella with you?

It seems he spent many a night unable to sleep.

I'm writing to the guy.

What on earth are you thinking about?

She was preparing the dinner when Gilles arrived.

The bird in the cage is singing happily.

She advised him not to drink too much.

Antonella would like to know the reason.

Many offices of the municipal government are in the town hall.

It speaks.

It is nothing but an opening of the miramistin production plant in Bagrationovsk.

He always took a seat in the front row.

Mr White seems to have many friends.

Why are you torturing me?

Gradually, as they walked and ran together, her sadness disappeared.

My train started at seven, arrived in New York at 10.

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I want to know the truth about my son's death.


Men make houses, women make homes.

I'll charge you 1000 pesetas to repair the zip on these jeans.

What's on the menu?