mobile Security and Productivity With Good Secure Mobility Solution

Good Secure Mobility Solution components

“When we refer to the overall Good Secure Mobility Solution, it has two major components to it,” explains Herrema. “There is one called the Good Collaboration Suite, and there’s what we call the Good Dynamics Platform.” Good uses their own Good Dynamics Platform to build certain applications comprising the Good Collaboration Suite.

Inside the Good Collaboration Suite

The goal of the Good Collaboration Suite is to get users live with a core set of productivity applications that cover the basics of securing mobile worker productivity. Three products come together to form the Good Collaboration Suite, according to Herrema:

  • Good for Enterprise, the company’s flagship product, is a combination of secure email and PIM application, along with a secure browser application. Good offers those two things together because they’re universal use cases for enterprises and knowledge workers.
  • Good Share provides access to file repositories including network drives, Network Attached Storage (NAS), and SharePoint.
  • Good Connect is a secure messaging and presence product that supports Office Communications Server (OCS), Lync, and Sametime, which complements the asynchronous email component.
  • “One of the key aspects of the Good Collaboration Suite and the way we’ve built it is the concept of secure workflow,” says Herrema. You don’t use the applications in isolation from one another.

For example, you might be writing an email and want to attachment a document that’s stored in a SharePoint site while conducting an IM session in real time with a coworker. Good Collaboration Suite supports an authentication model that lets a user authenticated with one app and move securely without reentering passwords.

Extend the Good Collaboration Suite via Good Dynamics Platform

The Good Dynamics Platform handles crucial security functions, including:

  • Jailbreak detection
  • Secure storage
  • Policy management
  • Secure workflow between applications

“We’ve built an abstraction around the Good Dynamics Platform in the form of an SDK that developers can use to build their own secure applications, which can then seamlessly interoperate with our apps and a broader ecosystem of applications out there,” explains Herrema.

He adds, “We have had the Good Dynamics Platform on the market for two years now. We’ve had a set of 40 partners who’ve built apps on the platform.” Their partners include some apps we’ve previously covered on TechRepublic, such as, Alfresco Mobile, Roambi, and Box.

mobile Security and Productivity With Good Secure Mobility Solution

Recently, Good Technology began offering Salesforce Touch Platform support. Herrema tells me that Good’s enterprise customers can use the platform to build custom apps to fit their business requirements. Over 1,000 custom apps have been built already.

“The suite manages the core set of problems,” relates Herrema. Good Technology has done a great job of translating mobile technology implementation into a Windows/Microsoft Office/PC model, which is highly relatable to non-technical management and others “who sign the check.” The core platform serves the role of Microsoft Windows, and their customers can round out the core platform to meet their particular requirements.

Run, grow, transform enterprise mobility

Herrema says that Good Technology uses a “run, grow, transform” metaphor for the Good Collaboration Suite, based on the idea that many enterprises are going to be at different states in their mobile evolution. Good’s metaphor is applicable to either a mobile first or BYOD strategy, and a platform play like Good Collaboration Suite has the muscle to grow with an enterprise through these phases.

Sustainable Paper Batteries. Just Add Bacteria…and Water.

A new battery made of paper and fueled by bacteria could be the ultimate sustainable solution for powering small electronic devices. Researchers who presented the new battery at the American Chemical Society meeting in Boston say it is low-cost and completely biodegradable.

As tiny sensors and electronic gadgets become ubiquitous, there is a growing demand for small batteries to power them. This means immense piles of batteries, many containing toxic chemicals, going to landfills.

Paper-based batteries have emerged as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional batteries. But such devices made so far have not been powerful enough for practical use. Plus, they have been difficult to make and their biodegradability has been questionable.

Seokheun Choi and his colleagues at the State University of New York, Binghamton made an easily biodegradable substrate using cellulose fibers found in paper and specially engineered polymers. Then they print thin layers of metals and other materials on it. Finally, they add a special kind of bacteria in a freeze-dried state on the battery. These bacteria, called exoelectrogens, extrude electrons out of their cells when they consume organic matter to produce energy for themselves.

Sustainable Paper Batteries. Just Add Bacteria…and WaterTo activate the battery, the researchers put water or saliva on it, which revives the bacteria within a few minutes. The bacteria go to work, producing enough electrons to power a light-emitting diode and a calculator.

The battery produces higher power per unit area than other paper-based batteries. It also “exhibits a much higher power‐to‐cost ratio than all previously reported paper‐based microbial batteries,” the researchers write in their recent Advanced Sustainable Systems paper. But the device’s power still needs to be improved by about 1,000-fold for commercial use, Choi says in a press release.

The paper battery is intended to be disposed after one use and easily decomposes when submerged in water. The freeze-dried bacteria can survive for around four months, and the researchers are looking for ways to extend the paper battery’s shelf life.

Environmental Benefits of Electric Vehicle

In the period running since the past ten years, there has been an effort to switch to renewable sources of energy. Electric vehicles are one of the breakthroughs that breathe hope in this pursuit. Compared to gas-powered alternatives, electric vehicles are more efficient and have been shown to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. On average, they also need less maintenance since not many moving parts are involved that you need to worry about. To the environment, this has been a great milestone, which has come with some of the environmental benefits mentioned below.

Less pollution

Renowned scientists agree that pollution has been a big factor in climate change. One benefit with electric cars is that they don’t pump out harmful gases into the atmosphere. Even plug-in hybrids that combine electric motors with a gasoline engine have proved to help reduce emissions considerably. But with complete electric vehicles, you are guaranteed zero tailpipe emissions, which is good for the environment. Having more electric cars on the road mean air quality will improve and many of the diseases that are caused by breathing unclean air might be easily prevented. This shows championing for the adoption of electric cars comes with a big incentive for the environment.

Renewable energy

With the development of electric vehicles has come the need to also champion for the development of renewable energy sources. This further reduces greenhouse emissions as you are able to recharge your electric vehicle using a solar PV system. The electric vehicle technology has also extended to the development of small electric vehicles like electric trolleys and eco shuttles that can carry people around cities. It has inspired more creativity that is helping to replace the use of fossil fuels to power machines.

Eco-friendly materials

Besides the fact that electric vehicles will reduce the use of fossil fuels and also cut emissions by a good percentage, manufacturers are preferring the use of eco-friendly production. For example, the Nissan Leaf comes with an interior made from recycled materials, particularly plastic bags, water bottles, and old car parts. The Ford Focus, also an electric vehicle, is also made using recycled materials in some parts including the padding. This is good for the environment as it encourages recycling and releases a lot of the waste that is choking the environment.

Reducing climate change

The transport and manufacturing sectors are the biggest contributors to harmful emissions that have been blamed for climate change. With pure electric vehicles, there is no risk of emissions to worry about. This helps to protect the atmosphere against gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect. In the long-run, it is an initiative that will benefit the whole world and prevent the destruction of Mother Nature.

It’s good news to note that more companies are investing in the development of electric vehicles. This is something that will not only improve safety and efficiency, but it is also a good idea that is friendly to the environment. It helps to reduce climate change as there is less pollution. Governments are also encouraging the use of renewable energy sources in a bid to improve air quality to prevent diseases caused by exhaust emissions.