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Wesanco® is a ZSI-Foster company, located in La Mirada, CA. For over 40 years, Wesanco has manufactured the WESTRUT® channel system consisting of continuous slot metal framing channel, fittings, pipe clamps, and accessories. Wesanco has built its strong reputation on a foundation of committed service and product excellence. The entire organization is dedicated to ensuring customers have the best value and support.

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The WESTRUT® Metal Framing System is made up of roll formed channel, and hundreds of channel nuts and fittings, including pipe clamps, beam clamps, angular fittings and brackets. This pre-engineered system enables the user/designer to create an unlimited variety of support elements and structural configurations.

Economical, strong, continually adjustable and reusable, WESTRUT® systems do not require drilling or welding for normal assembly situations. Connections can be made anywhere along the continuous slot of the channel. All component fittings can be demounted and used again and again. All WESTRUT® products are compatible with other 1-5/8” metal framing channel systems, which cuts time, reduces labor and saves money.

FittingsCombination channels provide maximum versatility and strength for those demanding framing applications. Channel is available by special order, in almost any combination with two or more single sections, or with compatible miscellaneous steel sections welded together.

The company’s manufacturing capability has expanded to include: roll forming, welding, curving (radius forming), cutting, and punching of both mild and stainless steels. Wesanco also provides an extensive series of high grade pipe clamps, standard and specialty fabricated fittings.

WESANCO® Inc. manufactures WESTRUT® Channels and Fittings in accordance with the guidelines and agreements of the Metal Framing Manufacturers Association. WESANCO® Inc. is a founding member of the MFMA.

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