She is often late for school on Mondays.

You know that that's your duty.

I'm going to write Janice a note.

Caleb looked out the front window.

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She baked a cake for her friend.

We need to warn Matt.

You are interested in computers.

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You will be able to buy this only there.

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I was pressed by their questioning and slipped into telling an obvious lie.

The war went against the country.

I'll lend you as much money as you need.

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Many foreign language students dream of speaking like a native.

Everyone admitted that the earth is a sphere.

Why did you kiss me in the darkness?

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We'll take care of ourselves.


Can you show me where Nathaniel's office is?


He is an old friend of mine.

This is one side of the medal.

I've ordered two teas and three coffees.

The penalty is death.

How could God do that to us?

As a rule, the inhabitants of warm countries keep early hours.

We'll go out tomorrow if the weather permits.


There are many wild animals in this forest.

I thought that was obvious by now.

We should do our best.

I'll take Amos home.

This isn't unusual.


Eduardo didn't give me what I wanted.

Tell me how to find her.

She has very neat handwriting.


Give this to her.

Are you and Lois getting back together?

We'd better take up this issue immediately.


It wasn't your choice, Rabin.

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He has two boys and a girl.

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He had no chance to visit us.

I like to call Elaine in the morning.

I made all my family leave home.

I'm going south.

Did you go to the art exhibition?


He doesn't even care that I'm here.

I don't want you to see me naked.

Some demonstrators ignored the exclusion zone and were arrested.

Blair was a boy scout.

Holly has a lot on his mind.

We work by day and rest by night.

The tire needs air.

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Keep your hands still.


I hate being here.

Please introduce yourself, sir. What's your profession?

It was really considerate of you to lend me 500 dollars when I was in difficulty.

Lenin learned German from books--in prison--"breaking the back of the language at the outset" by memorizing all the nouns. He was incensed when no-one in Germany could understand him.

I forgive you because you didn't know what you were doing.

I know that you work hard.

He had a sheepish grin on his face when she told him that she had found out his secret.

We lived together for two years, but we aren't married.

Several recent outbreaks of salmonella are a cause for concern to health authorites.

Did I startle you?

I have to find them.

That is really interesting.

I have no knowledge of that question.

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The company shelved plans to expand into Asia.

The man spoke with a small voice.

The alloted time ticked quickly away.

How does this work exactly?

He denied knowing anything of their plan.

Morton weighed himself.

How do we know this isn't the real one?


Toft has apparently tried to commit suicide.

Brodie lit his cigarette.

I have to revise for a biology test.

Does Nicolo want me to drive him to the airport?

Come and see me once in a while.

Now that school is over, you can go home.

Why did you go there?

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There are controversial works referring to the colonial period.

It is easier to implant a belief into someone about a subject they have not considered, than it is to change a preexisting opinion.

I don't know why you don't like her.


I'm cooperating.

The train will arrive here before long.

This problem requires a large effort to be solved.


Julius Caesar was born in the year 100 B.C. The exact date of his birth is not known. At age sixteen he had to take care of all of his family.

The day brings many things.

Did you stay here all night?

Is Joachim faster than Konstantinos?

This car is too expensive for me to buy.

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There may be another way.

Everybody is supposed to wear a tie at the party.

Someday, I would like to possess a sailboat.

I've got some matches right here.

But where are we?


The boy began to cry.

There is no factory in this village.

Bret doesn't want to live here anymore.

He has a camera.

I know you've got some problems with your mother.

I keep a rabbit as a pet.

Shean Jackson is one of the best detectives in Boston.

Did you want to kill Michiel?

That wasn't so bad, was it?


You'll find out.


I honestly didn't know a thing about this.

Large cars use lots of gas.

I have a fever and I keep coughing.

Doctor, I have memory problems.

We'll take that into consideration.

That plan can hardly be improved upon.

I suppose you think I'm nuts.


That happens to me sometimes.

You're popular.

It's a special occasion.

My father is healthy.

Mat had no experience dating.


I wanted to make sure there was enough.

Damn you, you always have good luck!

That man is dangerous.


Moscow residents witnessed a large column of military equipment moving on Tverskaya Street.

The sharp tone of his words chilled the atmosphere.

My eyelid feels hot.

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I often skip breakfast.

Trent asked Rodger if she knew how to knit.

A man came to see me yesterday.

I was playing tennis.

Let's just sit here for a few minutes.


I think you're pretty rough on yourself.


Minors can't come in here.

I'll become stronger.

During an interview after the game, the coach voiced his discontent towards the umpire.

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Lieutenant Dan Anderson responded to the frantic 911 call.


We're doing the best we can.

I remember the first time I listened to this song.

I can't explain what I don't understand.

All my son's adult teeth are in.

Have you ever started this engine?

He's a professional diver.

At night, Del could see the stars through the window next to her bed.

She's playing Tetris.

Suyog got to do something.

The parsec is equal to about 3.3 light-years.

I certainly didn't plan to do that.

We have to hire more people.

What are you going to do with those?

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I was given a minor share of my father's wealth.

Ginny never wanted to talk to me.

The director of the firm was voted out of office due to the scandal.


His mother is ill, and is resting.

I am quite willing to do anything for you.

It's no good making the same old products year after year.


The dog was burnt to death.

You can trust all of us.

How I wish I could swim.

Do you have news for me?

The clothes horse is always in the way!


The rain will revive this tree.

How many bus stops are there to the center?

I worked hard in expectation of promotion.


Veterans need more jobs.

The situation in now getting unfavorable.

Soohong isn't wearing any makeup.

I wouldn't mind a drink.

I thought it was fine.