He knows how to card wool.

I thought Son could help.


Rupert is a graphic designer.

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I think he was angry.

Nobody would notice.


After a minute of free fall he pulled the rip cord and out came the parachute.

Can you make it stop?


Saumya doesn't want to appear weak.

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The progress of science has brought about great change in our lives.

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Do you know anybody who speaks five languages?

I don't like the idea of Martin going out with Vernon.

What is the maximum dosage for an adult?

No one speaks his true mind.

You have to stop him.


She had a bad tooth taken out.

Is it going to rain?

My younger sister didn't say "hello."

Rich and his friends sat around the fire, talking about the good old days.

Kanthan said he intends to keep his old car.

Luc was fat the last time I saw him.

Stay out of trouble.


Romeo, believing that Juliet was dead, decided to kill himself.

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He thrust some coins into my pocket.

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Where does this trail go?

Hsi can't help but be jealous.

I don't usually cry.

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I study English two hours a day on an average.

There go the twelve bars blues.

I'm glad to be of service.


All the villagers know him.

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I was happy for Ray.


Did you enjoy your swim?

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They say that many Buddhist monks have exceptional abilities like levitation, abandoning the body and later returning to it at will.

How many months are there in a year?

Do it but now!

We liked to add new members to our group.

The precious stone belonged to Dory.

He regarded the money as gone.

He ordered the boys not to shout in the classroom.

Is she always like that?

Please consider us in the future for all your travel needs.


The sentence is OK.

The beauty of the scene was beyond description.

What would life be like without electricity?

Can anyone give me a hand?

I need help in here.

Marian needs to talk to us.

He wore glasses.


Maybe they've given up.

I'm always thirsty.

I should never have become a teacher.


Do you think Dawn killed Suzanne?


In this case, the adjective goes before the noun.

Don't be a wallflower.

I need your help in finding Sanford.


It's totally dark outside.

That car dealer gave me a bum steer when he told me this used Toyota was in good condition.

Most of Cary's friends were boys.

Let us know how we can help you.

How many people are infected?

Kate has three times as many records as Jane does.

The exam is coming up next week.


Shel was here when I woke up this morning.


Kim lives together with Ken.

I asked them to sign the papers.

Del will be glad to see you.


You're not asking me, are you?

We're really, really good at what we do.

I greeted the students with a handshake.


That huge mammal is called an elephant.

I met her in the street.

I haven't seen Ti in ages.

Beautiful day.

The dog seems to be sick.

I'm Takao and this is my sister, Ramadoss.

He is really angry.

No one can step twice into the same river.

The market was flooded with imports.


Has anyone solved that mystery?

The little girl played an angel in the Christmas play.

The alarm went off and a red light started flashing.

Kenn wanted to know what Avery thought.

He made his fortune from commerce.

He didn't give me anything to eat.

I didn't expect results straightaway.

Milner sat in his rocking chair, reading a novel.

You made your sister cry!

He's a labourer on a riverboat.

Please stick this label to your baggage.


Tatoeba: Where being an orphan doesn't make you exempt in any way.

Do you talk about us?

The two of us aren't that good at chess. We're just playing because we felt like it.

You don't have to worry about Ric at all.

Is Mehrdad crazy?

I wish I could've eaten at that restaurant with you.

He's a ghost hunter.

Do you know where Holly is?

We need to get this done before tomorrow.

If possible, I'd like to receive new information about this case.

If your baby is prone to rashes, you may want to apply diaper cream, powder, or petroleum jelly after cleaning your baby's bottom.


Be careful. The cat is inside the box.


This is a superb illustration of how Emmet modified the traditional architectural designs.

My money was stolen by a thief.

Barrio has a full beard.

The abolition of slavery in Europe eventually reached America.

I cry too much.


To understand it, you have only to read this book.

Who else knows about your secret?

Give us a call when you arrive.

It is close to seven o'clock. We have to go to school.

You cannot be too careful of traffic when you cross the road.

In which language did the father write?

Jerald wondered how many minutes it would take him to run to the bus stop.


The boys built a raft.


Where is the tea with milk?

I'll need to be in Boston for at least three weeks.

You needn't have taken an umbrella with you.

Teri has his first date with Charles tonight.

Paul's sitting in front of Jack.

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This car comes with an air conditioner.

Joanne's story brought tears to my eyes.

Do you want her to help you?

In the past I used to vote the Democratic ticket, but from now on I'll climb on the Republicans' bandwagon.

You look like you've just seen a ghost.

I can't even walk, let alone run.

It's very unlikely that Tad will be there.


Calvin didn't finish the job we asked him to do.

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If you need me to do something, just say so.


You must certainly vote in the elections.

Now, you'd better go home.

Lila was shy.

Brian kept Kate waiting.

Andries rushed into the house.


I'm going back for Uri.


While they were on vacation, their neighbors cared for their dog.

I had lived in Osaka for eighteen years when I moved to Tokyo.

Nou is huddled on the couch.

Acetone cannot be drunk.

They went out for dinner at an upscale restaurant.


She accompanied him on the piano.

I can't go on.

I never got to talk to him.

I've decided to go to Boston for the summer.

Donal approached warily.

Beware of a silent dog and still water.

Hearing the news, she cried her heart out.

It's a thing of the past.

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Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.

And Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding.

The magic 8 ball is good for when one doesn't know for what he should decide.

Elsa isn't very helpful.

That was the only way we could defend ourselves against all this terrible shooting.

Brenda poured Kriton a glass of red wine and then one for himself.

We need to explore all possible cures for cancer.


All that glitters is not gold.


I prefer the blue one over the red one.

Get out of my life. I detest you.

A nice day, isn't it? How about going for a swim?