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Roxane doesn't buy bread.

The soul that desires God to surrender himself to it entirely must surrender itself entirely to him without keeping anything for itself.

Is there anyone I can call to fix my leaky ceiling?

Who wants to learn Polish?

Mr Ford owns this land.


Didn't you know that Cory was an ex-con?

He gouged his eyes out so he would never see again his homeland he had betrayed.

I know Paul was the one who did it, but I won't ever be able to prove it.


I think that's correct.


He promised me he would come early.


Man is the only animal subject to becoming an imbecile.


Lindsay's not at all sure who he should talk to.

Kirsten and Arthur are devout Catholics.

The boxes produced here are made of a very consistent material.

I've never regretted it.

I'm not talking to Cory.

I want a single room if possible.

Hirofumi is painting his fence.

I can not.

Keep an eye on him.

There was a strong wind.

From time to time, he looked outside to see if it was still snowing.

This dictionary is great boon up to us.

Send the letter airmail.

Keep off the grass!

Rahul confessed that she had given Damon her phone number.

Well, that helps a lot.

Do you mean to tell me you can't find one?

I'll phone you later.

I want to know what's so funny.

Tanaka kicked Takayuki in the groin.

You could be in over your head.

That blouse doesn't go with that skirt.

Dominick knew better than to try to help Pierre.

I want to make a phone call, but I don't have any change now.

I need to find a new hiding place.

He called on me at my office yesterday.

Brad won't be able to finish that in an hour.

She's a graphic designer.

Marian wasn't wearing a name tag.

Rainy season begins in June.

I have two tickets for sale.

The opposition party claimed that approving the bill by a vote late at night was a political ploy.

I don't want to be cruel.

Anyway, I think I've said enough.

This time he dressed down, having realized that the smart suit would be out of place.

Raanan sent me an interesting text.

At the Martian poles are polar ice caps which shrink in size during the Martian spring and summer.

I was trying to protect Gregg.

Alison and Pat are holding hands.


Why is the helicopter flying across the city?

Are you guys talking about me?

Albert often brings Lois with him when he comes here.


A fart is the tortured scream of a trapped turd.

They seem to be conscious of the fact.

Kyu came to ask us for our help.

Pam says it was a mistake.

John, the tallest boy in our class, is nicknamed "Mr High".

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A big crowd stood in the street.

She did not agree with him.

Do you want to go with her?

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My wedding ring was crafted by a skilled goldsmith.

The only solution is to escape.

I can wait as long as you can.

You'll get there in time, as long as you don't miss the train.

She is always at school.

Cats are fickle creatures.

I care about this.

I don't want to cause a panic.

All you're doing is trying to escape reality.


Mickey visited Boston last year.

If he is innocent, then his wife is guilty.

I think shopping wins.


Was it thrilling?

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The governor pardoned the criminal.


This is not a video game. This is real life.


Why all the drama?

If you will suffer my pontificating further, most native English speakers, most of the time, will use shorter words, even when that means using more.

Is Ramiro a suspect?

Can you make a copy for me?

What's that animal's name?

Some of them had a gift for making weapons.

After he finished supper, he began to read the novel.

Columbus, Ericson, and Magellan once walked into a bar. Only Columbus walked out.

His behavior puzzled me.

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This is a hard question.

Thirteen is a lucky number in the Brazilian Federal Lottery.

Sassan gets along fine with Olson.

It's no crime to steal from a thief.

Rusty is on paternity leave.


He looks old, but he hasn't reached 30 yet.

That's all he has.

She can speak French.

What'll Pierre do with that?

We help the poor.


The extra effort raised his blood pressure above normal.

I don't blame Luis for retiring.

I call a fig a fig, a spade a spade.

That scandal will be known to everybody in the course of time.

Give us everything you have.

Please let me talk to him.

Cows are anything but bright.

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Why can't you watch where you're going?

Is that what you did to them?

The river that flows through Paris is the Seine.

I'm very proud of them.

That poet attempted suicide in their library.

Weren't you amused?

Spyros took cover behind a dumpster.


It's bound to happen eventually.


I was in a better mood three hours ago.

Please don't get up.

He had no sooner gone out of the room than all of them burst out laughing.

The roof of the church needs repairs.

Have you caught the first toy train?


Bjorne hardly ever speaks to Lanny anymore.

Uri has only been out of prison three months.

I have a feeling you might want to see these.

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The whole Earth was shocked.

She was absent from class.

What do you know about love?


How well do you know her?

There's a little black spot on the sun today.

You're so cute together.

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Ravindran crawled out of bed.

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Kees doesn't take very good care of his dog.

You were afraid, weren't you?

Haven't you eaten lunch yet?

Not a single person had arrived late.

Cristi has a degree in electrical engineering.

I've been trying to cheer Peggy up.

Hurry, or you'll miss the train.

I enjoyed this book so much!

You should not be afraid of the future.

Tait and Ami don't know that.

She walked about in search of the dress.

How many brothers do you have? How many sisters do you have?

You cannot be careful in the mountains.


This is the first time I've climbed this mountain. The sight is really awesome.

I'm feeling better already.

How are the negotiations coming along?

Those two departments are sometimes at odds with each other.

You might not find it.


Dan knew he had a problem.

Did you ever break a bone?

You and Hamilton were childhood friends, right?

Harry was pretty worked up about an hour ago.

I'm going to keep track of all the expenses on this trip.

Won't you come up and have a drink?

Rodger has been acting odd lately.

This place is awesome!

The train made a brief stop.

Sanjeev sent me a Christmas gift.

Hirotoshi is better at French than me.

What's stopping you?

I think you've finally found your calling.

I am intrigued by what is happening.

We're going to a cocktail party.

I felt sad for no reason.

I was still at home.

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My mother made cookies this morning.


I would love even a dictionary with less than a hundred thousand entries.


I'm glad you finally made it back.

Why didn't you ask me?

The population of the village dropped by a third.


I'll help you fight him.

Mariou saw both Earnie and John getting out of their cars.

I am Spanish.