She is in love with him.

I can't tie a very good knot.


They are about your age.


Please correct it.

If you hurry, you can make it.

Don't think I won't do it.

I brought you some coffee.

Jong could feel the sun on his neck.

The meat is tough.

You know, sometimes you need to hear it.

The fire station is next to the police station.

I won't turn my back on you again.

For all her efforts, she didn't succeed.

He looks good for his age.

Tal bought a medieval shirt on Etsy.

The traitor was deprived of his citizenship.


I want to have a little look.

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Why did they dislike you?


I wanted Jeffie to take me with him.


Did they write a letter?


She wanted a child for a long time.

How long do we have before Susan gets here?

There is no excuse for the way Maarten acted at the party.

My grandmother's shoes are old.

King took his time reading the contract.

It was no big deal.

I can do it with one hand.

The rabbit is eating the carrot.

My favorite is this one.

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This sport got more and more popular.

Almost all the American TV series of the last few years were written by homosexuals.

Perhaps he missed the train.


I can understand everything she's saying.


She could solve the problem, and so could I.

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At the time, you were outside.

Playing the piano isn't easy.

He is a very decent fellow.


"Do friends sleep with friends and then murder them?" Dima asked in return.


What's the name of the folk song that Mr. Tsugi sang in that TV drama?

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Why do you not ask your teacher for advice?


Ro's face is dirty.

I've never been so insulted.

The decision has been made.

Germans have the same amount of words for meetings than Eskimos for snow.

Price walked in with snacks.

It's still dark.

The guests caught him in his pajamas.

It was definitely shocking.

Our letters crossed each other.

Matt is out fishing with Carl.

We've barely begun.


Are you going to ask Patricia to dinner?


Will this ever end?

This country has an even temperature throughout the year.

I've got it now, Jin.

You are losing blood.

Can you play an instrument?

What did Irvin say he was looking for?

Why didn't you report this?

I'd better go now.

What kind of briefcase did you get Malus?

He transformed his small family business into a highly profitable company with more than 200 employees.

Honestly, I don't think you have what it takes to become a teacher.

I missed the beginning of the movie.

Come here, John.

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What more can you give that I haven't already got?


When you exercise your heart beats faster.


There's nothing that we can do to stop him.

Your necklace is beautiful.

You look great in this photo!


Ron completed the jigsaw puzzle.

I told him it was time to quit.

The horse has four legs and still stumbles sometimes.

I couldn't call you. The telephone was out of order.

Who left this mess in the toilet?


I am mooing like a cow.

Unfortunately I don't know a single word in Turkish.

When he came, I was doing my homework.

I like apples more than oranges.

You're smarter than you look.


I will explain this joke to you later.

I hate my eyebrows.

This was not funny.


Something happened and he couldn't keep his promise.

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You should seriously consider doing that.


This car belongs to me.

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When did you arrive in Boston?

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The army decided to clone hundreds of copies of the handsome, athletic man.


This is also a good movie.

Are you telling me how to do my job?

Oliver will come at 2:30.

Ritchey pretended that he didn't care.

Oh, fine! I'll give it one more go! But that's it!

The story reminded me of my father.

My profession is my passion.


The bright light disturbed Markku.


This smell disgusts me.

I slept comfortably last night.

Panacea shut up.

"Are the drinks free?" "Only for ladies."

I can't do this job.


Let's ignore that.

I like to read.

The French Revolution began in 1789.

Tell her to write me.

My children live in London.


Don didn't get on the bus.

I'm doing what I want to do.

That magazine is aimed at teenagers.

Stick it up your arse.

Everyone hates know-it-alls.


Try someone else.

He responded kindly to the question.

My thumbnail ripped off.

Did Vladimir escape?

Well, that changes everything.

Presley agreed to help Thierry with her work.

Samir hasn't asked for any pain medication.


The sea's waves have made me hear your poem.

He's got the gift of the gab.

Lukas bet Bill that he could beat her at arm wrestling.

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The new law has deprived the citizens of their liberty.

Paula told the dog to stay.

John is the taller of the two.


You're the only person I know who can't swim.

It is too late for me.

He wants to wait until he's married.


Do you watch films or cartoons?

He had something of the hero in his nature.

Chuck said he couldn't wait.

She looked every inch the movie star.

Naresh wants to buy a car, but he can't afford to.

Let me make it easier for you.

I strongly suggest you follow her advice.

The leopard was starting to get tired of his spots.

Leads is a man with many talents.

It's not necessary to put him in the hospital.

Reading helps you build up your vocabulary.

Tait knew Barbara understood the problem.

This computer runs on batteries.

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Let's build a dike.

Our president is not as popular now, as he was before.

I'm not having an affair.


I'm better than you.

I watched it on YouTube.

The child cried for a toy car.

He tried to warn me.

I'd like to go with you.

It takes a while to relax.

It was hard for me to refuse his request.

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This boat is no longer seaworthy.


Shut up, or I'll knock you out.

I want to live a carefree life in the country.

Claude has lost a lot of hair since the last time I saw him.

She is worried about his safety.

Rees hardly ever eats cucumbers.

Lowell has been away too long.

You guys will be there, right?