I'm really sad that I can't come tonight.


Plastic boxes last longer.

It doesn't look that way.

There are no witnesses.

Myron was in love.

Now let's talk it up.

Carlo is learning how to drive a car.

Three pedestrians were victims of an accident.


You can't talk to me like that.

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Maybe I'll be able to speak fluently in a month's time.


I like milk more than juice.

Don't tell her anything.

Can I take off early?

I guess I'm spoiled.

Angus played with his kids.

There's also another possibility.

Kevin took a picture of the picture.

I've got to see Lin.

Grow cucumbers and make good use of them.

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He wrote her a long love letter.


Was the president in favor of the plan?

Find out where Ben is.

I don't intend to answer any questions.

Get your hat and coat.

The scenery of the Alps left a lasting impression on me.

Show me your badge.

We just don't feel like dancing.

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One finds a large proportion of immigrants among the workforce in these factories.

Which movie did you watch today?

I took it for granted that you were on my side.

The author revised his manuscript over and over again.

Lonhyn sure does sleep a lot.

Philippe likes you.

I don't want to talk to you.

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Shankar was surrounded by a group of young girls.

The first part of the lesson is easier than the second.

I already think you're crazy.

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I was wondering if you might be willing to talk to Delbert.

I love weddings.

Casey has been gone for over an hour.

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I want you to go back.

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I think they're right.

Where did you push them?

All the sugar fell on the ground.

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I can't believe he renounced his U.S. citizenship.


Tarmi is going to stay at a friend's house for a few days.

The fact that a man lives on the same street with me does not mean he is my friend.

I also run my own website, to try and record my progress and to help other people a little bit.

Did you see him leave?

I thought I'd have another chance to do that.


Does the president expect to even have a second term?

That's what I wanted to ask.

I'll pray for Anna.

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I think you should ask them.

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I'm a stranger here myself.


What good does that do us?


You have a right to be happy.

Shutoku taught me many things.

What do you want from them?


Where did you say Urs was staying?

Where do you want me to put your suitcase?

Can both Kenton and Barrett speak French?

Why not have dinner with us?

Death is certain to come to everybody.


The bus landed us at the station.

I have a lot of credit cards.

I've always wanted to see if I could do that.


It is education that is key to the success.


From overabundance of buzzwords the common folks get their brains steaming.

We're going to keep smiling.

I like pink grapefruit.


All of the villages in this region have been destroyed, without exception.

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My friend George is going to Japan this summer.

I have to go home.

I walked along the beach when the tide ebbed.

Gambling site lets users bet on which species will go extinct because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The child was scared to get into the water.

Monday definitely isn't my favourite day of the week.

Billy's computer is new.


He was asked to account for his failure.

The city hall is in the center of the city.

He deserves to be jailed.

Girls are more ambitious academically than boys.

Drop your weapon or I'll shoot.

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Aoi dances well.

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Myron didn't know anyone who could help.

Could you give me my bank balance, please?

What are they interested in?


Jacques had an accident when he tried to ride a hoverboard for the first time.

Before I forget, I will tell you.

She will have dinner.

What I can't bear is the sound of chalk squeaking on a chalkboard.

Let him sleep.

The breeze kissed her face.

I wasn't about to do that.


Even if it takes you three years, you must accomplish your goal.


Her money was all gone.

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Greece was the cradle of western civilization.

We need another three million dollars to complete this project.

They forced him to resign.


Linley is very protective.

I've got to go back to Boston tomorrow.

It may rain tomorrow, but we are going in any case.

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Uri hasn't changed his mind.

You guys are so immature.

Once you have begun to do something, never give it up.


I'm absolutely sure!

The used car salesman seemed a bit dodgy to me.

That sure puts me on the spot.

Vince didn't have to explain it to me.

Your car has a broken taillight.

Florian enlisted in the service.

Antigens are substances capable of provoking the formation of antibodies.

I don't like playing with him. We always do the same things.

The aim of science is, as has often been said, to foresee, not to understand.

I bought the pig yesterday.

Do you want to hear what that person said about you?

I'm sure Floria wouldn't disapprove.

The smirking male clerk replied.


Please explain the procedure.

Who would oppose this plan?

Have you spoken to her?


Are you sure you don't want to get your own lawyer?


In fact, the inhabitants have been exposed to radioactive rays.


Tell Winnie I feel fine.


Panos will never forgive me.

He lives alone in the woods.

The good woman is making a soup.

Manjeri pretended not to care.

It's been more than a month.

I want to make a statement.

I've been expecting him.


Here we are at Himeji Station.

Walter needs to stay close.

I told you you didn't have to come over.


She murdered her husband.

Stephan is afraid of catching a cold.

It's been funny to see how the world changes as the years go by.

I'm not sure I can do it.

Dieter managed to convince a lot of people that he had paranormal powers.

What subject do you major in?

He turned the problem over in his mind for three days before he did anything about it.

I don't want to hear about your personal problems.

I played tennis after I studied.

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I don't see what's changed.

There was nothing he could have done.

Uri was staring at the floor.

Do you have a table in the patio?

You haven't eaten, have you?

"What if I miss the deadline?" "I bet he will get mad at you!"

One could hardly understand what he was saying.


You really have to manage him carefully.


I know you think this is crazy.

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Mechael won $10,000 in the lottery.